Ex-Team USA Women’s Soccer Player Says Laws Protecting Female Sports “Uphold White Supremacy”

(Patriot Insider) – Just when you thought you’ve heard all the idiotic and “woke” talking points, someone comes along and proves that progressive liberals still have so much more to give.

Former US national women’s team soccer player Lori Lindsey just took first place for the most disconnected, nonsensical argument against state laws protecting women’s sports that anyone has made to date.

Lindsey is claiming that laws banning biological males from competing in girls and women’s sports are upholding “white supremacy.”

That’s right. Laws protecting females of all colors and ethnicities are actually racist and promote white supremacy.

If you’re confused, don’t worry, Lindsey appears to be too. She made the confusing and disconnected remarks during an interview with CBS News.

“These bills do uphold white supremacy under the guise of protecting women’s sport when we actually know that women’s sport, protection of it, would be to have more funding, have more women in leadership positions, equal pay.” Huh?

So then we should allow biological males into women’s sports in order to “protect” them?

“Reality, though, is that these trans youth just want to participate with their friends and play sport just like everyone else.”

The CBS host Lana Zak didn’t even bother to question Lindsey on her wild assertion that bills aimed at protecting women’s sports are upholding “white supremacy.” Liberals are never held accountable for the absurd nonsense that they spew.

Lindsey was interviewed as part of a story on a bill introduced by the GOP-led Pennsylvania legislature that would prohibit “trans” girls (biological males) from competing against biological females in sports.

Pennsylvania, however, is led by Democrat Governor Tom Wolf who says he will veto the bill should it reach his desk. No surprise there. The CBS story also noted Kansas’s Democratic Governor Laura Kelly has taken the same stance as Wolf, against her state legislature.

On the other side of the coin, Alabama’s Governor Kay Ivey because the latest US governor to join in the resistance against transgender “girls” taking over women’s sports. On Friday, she signed a bill, passing it into law, prohibiting biological males from competing against women in her state.

Idaho became the first state to enact a ban on biological males competing in women’s sports though the implementation of the bill has been held up there because of a court battle.

Before Alabama passed their bill into law, Arkansas and Mississippi enacted similar laws. Meanwhile, joining the list of dissenting governors with Wolf and Kelly are the governors of North Dakota and South Dakota.

Zak followed up with Lindsey’s initial statement and asked what Lindsey would say to appeal to parents who think the issue is “just about sports,” to see the greater picture and that there is a broader “debate that this is a proxy for?”

Lindsey didn’t bring up the “white supremacy” issue again but said that “it’s not about coming in and taking over women’s sports,” but rather it’s about trans individuals “having the access to the lessons that sport teach us.”

It isn’t about “taking over women’s sports?” Tell that to the women and girls who train for years to become the best and are beat out by a biological male they stand no chance against.

Lindsey is just another bleeding heart liberal who will say anything to justify her misguided beliefs.

Biological boys shouldn’t be physically competing against biological women. That’s why there are separate leagues for males and females to begin with. It just makes Lindsey, and others like her, feel all warm and fuzzy inside to defend transgender individuals.

She concluded by saying that Americans have “decided that discrimination is not right in this country and that we need to continue to provide access and that everyone should have equal opportunity.”

Biological boys are not being denied the opportunity to play sports therefore her argument is moot. When biological boys compete against biological females in sports, however, it does deny girls access to trophies, medals and opportunities awarded to those who win.

In a sane, rational world this would not even be an argument. America is so far gone.

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