EXPERTS WARN: Biden’s October Surprise Is Something You Won’t Like

(Patriot Insider) – Any hope Democrats may have had for the midterm elections has flown out the window with the latest news regarding gas prices.

The Daily Caller News Foundation is reporting that nationwide gas prices are expected to surpass $4 per gallon as oil prices spike as a result of rising winter demand and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) drastically reducing production.

Despite seeing a brief and slight reprieve over the summer, gas prices have been on the rise again over the last few weeks and are expected to continue rising. This is being driven by OPEC and its Russia-led allies, known collectively as OPEC+, daily production cuts of over two million barrels of crude oil on Oct. 5.

AAA data shows the nationwide average is at $3.92, which is 14 cents higher than the gas price on Sept. 29.

“The price of crude oil is up about $10 over the last week as it became apparent that the group [OPEC] was contemplating a big cut,” Mark Finley, a fellow in energy and global oil at Rice University’s Baker Institute, told DCNF. “$10 a barrel is roughly equivalent to 40 cents per gallon at the gas station.”

Biden and his regime were desperate to keep gas prices lower leading up to the midterm elections in an effort to trick Americans into thinking Democrats actually care about the record-setting prices. Biden has also been incessantly insisting that the rising gas prices are the result of greedy oil companies “price gouging” rather than taking responsibility for the situation.

Of course, Biden has also been blaming Putin for the gas price rise despite the fact that gas prices were well on the rise before Putin ever lifted a finger to move on Ukraine.

Now it looks like the entire situation just may end up hurting Democrats on November 8, as it should.

The Biden regime tapped into the nation’s emergency stockpile, releasing 155 million barrels which caused prices to drop back in June. However, prices started to rise again Sept. 22.

“We released all this oil from the reserve into the market but now OPEC+ is cutting production, so within a matter of months, all that oil has been removed,” Phil Flynn, a senior energy analyst at The PRICE Futures Group, told the DCNF.

While Biden added a lot of oil to the market by tapping into the US Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR), Flynn pointed out that OPEC+ cut production which will essentially completely negate Biden’s draining of the SPR.

The SPR has 408.7 million barrels of oil remaining in its stockpile as of Oct. 7 and is at its lowest level in nearly 40 years, according to Energy Information Administration data.

Despite embracing the high gas prices as part of his regime’s green agenda, Biden has also been using the lower gas prices to his and Democrats’ advantage. During an Oct. 7 speech Biden said that he personally has brought down gas prices by over $1.60 per gallon and that he will continue to bring prices down.

Of course, the only way he can hope to do that is by releasing even more oil from the US’ SPR. His plan is to release another 10 million barrels throughout November with more releases to potentially come.

Voters must remember on Nov. 8 that no matter what the gas prices look like, it was the Biden regime who has caused prices to soar. Democrats must be held accountable and that starts at the ballot box.

The record gas prices are just one of the many crises caused by Biden and the Democrats. Americans would do well to keep this in mind as they cast their votes on Nov. 8.

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  1. Yeah ! When J*** A** sits in the Oval Office with the Temperature set at
    87 Degrees and sitting there how Nice and WARM he is while the rest of Us sit in our House’s trying to keep Warm and paying the HIGH Fuel Prices and he himself doesn’t give a Damn or a Rats A S $ about Anyone of Us the Pays his Fuel Bill. 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  2. What can be done? The democrats installed this moron in office in 2020. They didn’t care about us then and they don’t care now. All they care about is abortion, mass transit, one party rule, their fascist state making businesses kowtow, CRT, Trans and LGBIGOT causes, illegal aliens from anywhere in the world including our enemies, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, any mandate they can come up with to injure the citizens, no more fossil fuels, making sure their bank accounts swell while they are in power, a woke and the most diverse military no other country would even try because it would make them weak, and they have another two years of this crap. Time to take out the trash.


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