FANTASTIC: Former NYT Reporter Destroys CNN In Must-See Interview

(Patriot Insider) – The only reason the insufferable Brian Stelter is still on CNN is because he’s a “yes man” for the network. It doesn’t matter what CNN tells Stelter to say, or not say, he does it. He’s certainly not still on the network because of his good looks or his charm, of which he has neither.

Stelter is the epitome of what’s wrong with journalism in America today and former New York Times opinion editor and writer, Bari Weiss, called him and the entire network out on Sunday during Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” for the way they and other mainstream media outlets fail to cover all angles of a story and outright refuse to cover others if they threaten the left’s carefully curated narrative.

Stelter isn’t a journalist at all but rather a puppet whose sole mission is protesting the left’s agenda and their wildly false narratives.

Weiss told Stelter on Sunday that when Americans see this obvious and blatant censorship of information they feel “the world has gone mad” and she’s not wrong.

Stelter pretended to not understand what she was talking about and smugly asked, “So, in what ways has the world gone mad?”

“Where can I start? Well, when you have the chief reporter on the beat of COVID for the New York Times talking about how questioning or pursuing the question of the lab leak is racist, the world has gone mad,” Weiss began. “When you’re not able to say out loud and in public there are differences between men and women, the world has gone mad.”

“When we’re not allowed to acknowledge that rioting is rioting and it is bad and that silence is not violence, but violence is violence, the world has gone mad,” she continued, “When you’re not able to say the Hunter Biden laptop is a story worth pursuing, the world has gone mad. When, in the name of progress, young school children, as young as kindergarten, are being separated in public schools because of their race, and that is called progress instead of segregation, the world has gone mad. There are dozens of examples.”

Stelter, with his trademark look of incredulity, asked, “Who’s the people stopping the conversation?”

“People who work at networks, frankly, like the one I’m speaking on right now, to say it was racist to investigate the lab leak theory,” Weiss responded.

“Who said that at CNN?” Stelter asked before going on to essentially mock Weiss by suggesting that there is no censorship because he’s “heard about every story” she mentioned on the internet and asserted that was proof that “people are allowed to cover whatever they want to cover.”

Weiss was not deterred from her point, she responded, “But you and I both know that it would be delusional to claim otherwise that touching your finger to an increasing number of subjects that have been deemed third rail by the mainstream institutions and increasingly by some of the tech companies will lead to reputational damage, perhaps you losing your job, your children sometimes being demonized as well, so what happens is a kind of internal self-censorship.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Weiss discussed the absurd backlash from NYT staffers when the publication ran an op-ed by Tom Cotton in 2020 in which he called on President Trump to dispatch troops to American cities under siege by out of control leftist rioters.

“Do you believe, Brian, that an op-ed can literally put people’s lives in danger?” Weiss asked in reference to the 1,000 NYT staff members that signed a letter saying that Tom Cotton’s op-ed made them feel that their lives were in danger.

She pointed out that the “whole news media would be different” if 1,000 people stood up and instead signed a letter saying that “it is wrong that New York Times editors were fired over an op-ed by a Republican Senator.”

“It’s really about people standing up, saying no to the mob, saying yes to free speech and yes to openness to debate, and showing that in doing that, they can not just survive the mob but also come out on the other side of it.”

Weiss quit the Times in 2020 after the Tom Cotton incident and explained her reasoning for doing so in a resignation letter she published saying that her “forays into wrongthink have made me the subject of constant bullying by colleagues who disagree with my views.” She also said “showing up for work as a centrist at an American newspaper should not require bravery.”

Further, on her blog aptly named “Common Sense,” Weiss asserts that there “are tens of millions of Americans who aren’t on the hard left or the hard right who feel that the world has gone mad.”

“Science is at the mercy of politics,” she says. “Identify Trump’s ideas. In the name of progress, art is erased and history is rewritten. Obvious truths are dangerous to say out loud.”

Weiss is right. The world has absolutely gone mad.

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