WOW! FBI Arrest Trump Supporter 7 Months After Walking Into U.S. Capitol On Jan. 6

(Patriot Insider) – If you ever look down at your paycheck and see the large sum of money that has been zapped out of it before you were even able to take a look at it in your own bank account, and wonder where in the world it goes and what it’s spent on, we have the answer.

And you aren’t going to like it.

According to a new report from Gateway Pundit, those oh so wonderful folks over at the FBI are employing the use of your hard earned tax dollars to stalk and arrest a locksmith from a small-town in Nevada, Missouri this week, after investigating him for seven months.

The man in question, Isaac Yoder, was dressed as George Washington and walked into the U.S. Capitol where he was seen having a chat with police before exiting the building (screen shot here).

What’s truly terrible about this is the fact that all of the lawyer fees and court costs for this man’s cases will probably destroy his business.

It’s disheartening that there’s not been a single FBI agent with the intestinal fortitude to stand up and say this isn’t right, to blow the whistle on the abuse. What’s more sickening is that the vast majority of the GOP is silent.

“A man was arrested Wednesday for storming the US Capitol dressed in a George Washington costume during the January 6 insurrection,” a report from The Daily Mail said.

“Isaac Yoder, a locksmith from Nevada, Missouri, earlier admitted that he entered and exited the Capitol through a ‘west facing door,'” the report said, adding, “Federal agents used phone tracking and facial recognition to arrest Yoder following the riot on January 6.”

“In an affidavit seen by Huffington Post, the FBI said that they received an anonymous tip on February 26 from someone who claimed an employee of Yoder Lock and Key was involved in the January 6 riot,” the report continued.

“They added that they didn’t know the first name of the rioter, but knew that he was ‘dressed as George Washington’ when he stormed the Capitol,” the Daily Mail said.

Ever since the FBI started arresting folks for allegedly participating in this riot, we’ve been hearing reports about how badly these “political prisoners” are being treated.

In fact, a recent video of a Capitol defendant’s attorney is making its way across the Internet, featuring him saying that his client is being subject to torture while being held.

“Joseph McBride was asked for comments relating to the eight month prison sentence given to Paul Hodgkins for merely walking into the building and sitting at Nancy Pelosi’s desk,” the Infowars report says.

McBride spoke with CNN host John Avalon where he said that “there are people who showed up to attack the Capitol, there are people who showed up to protest, and there are people who showed up to protest that got involved with the greater events of that day. And it is very important not to lump everybody in, not to define every protester that showed up that day as an insurrectionist — which, by the way, no one has been charged with.”

Avalon then asked McBride about his comparison between the way suspects are currently being treated and the hardships folks faced in Nazi gulags.

McBride responded by saying, “People are being tortured. Tortured!” asking the host “Are you OK with people being tortured five miles from the White House?”

Avalon then answered that question by stating that McBride’s claim was “an extraordinary statement that would seem to be utterly un-based in fact.”

This upset McBride who passionately responded by saying, “Torture is never OK! TORTURE! TORTURE! TORTURE! TORTURE! TORTURE!”

“Keep yelling torture. We’ll stick with the facts,” the host said.

“The facts are torture!” the attorney yelled in response.

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  1. These leftist want to put every conservative in prison for supporting our God given Constitutional right to peacefully protest. The protesters on 01/ 06 were invited into the Capitol building by the police and by and large the conservatives among them were NOT the ones who caused damage to the building. Yet only the flag waving peaceful conservative protesters were booked into custody and held without charges indefinitely. The violent insurgents were released without charges and were never identified. These violent thugs were not remanded because they are leftist Peelously operatives and members of the treasonous alphabet agencies who incited the violence and perpetrated the lion’s share of the damage. Now these peaceful American patriots face an indefinite unconstitutional incarceration as pawns in a false flag operation.They were led by traitorous federal agents and leftist plants to generate negative lame stream media coverage designed to denigrate the right as violent extremists.

    • Your comment would be absolutely fucking hilarious if the “peaceful protestors” didn’t kill or injure hundreds of officers. Who used the bear spray, the flags and other objects to severely injure Office Michael Fannone and other brave officers who tried to protest those pricks (republicans). Those Scumbag republicans like donny t. and you should be hanged for the Insurrection/Sedition. Didn’t you hear those imbeciles say donny t. sent me here along with giuliani and the other asshole, donny jr. and his Despicable father saying go to the Capitol and fight like hell? Those thousand of Nitwits should be put in front of a firing squad.

  2. What happened to our first amendment rights? If the FBI can do this it will set a dangerous precedent and open the door to shut down protests for almost any reason.


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