Federal Prosecutor Claims Capitol Riot Caused $1,500,000 In Damages Meanwhile BLM Riots Caused Over $2 Billion

(Patriot Insider) – The corrupt federal government is continuing on with their absurd obsession with the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. They’re not leaving any aspect of the ordeal out. A federal prosecutor reported this week that the “estimated damage to the Capitol” was $1.5 million.

On Wednesday, The Washington Post reported that federal prosecutor Mona Sedky became the first to give an official “public cost estimate” from the Jan. 6 incident.

If the $1.5 million figure is accurate, it would still take at least 1,300 more Capitol riots to equal the monetary damages caused by the Black Lives Matter riots that caused destruction and chaos all over the country for the better part of 2020.

Of course, there is absolutely no evidence or reason at all to believe that the damage was anywhere close to that high. We’ve all seen the pictures and videos of the supposed “wreckage.”

Despite the federal government’s efforts to keep the Jan. 6 incident alive and well, things don’t appear to be going well for them on that front.

On Tuesday, federal prosecutors were forced to drop a case against an accused Capitol “insurrectionist” because their “evidence” against him was obtained by a paid FBI informant who turned out to be a complete fraud.

What a shocker.

The New York Post reports that “Prosecutors wrote to the Washington, DC, judge on Tuesday asking to drop charges against Christopher Kelly, a New York City resident who was captured in a viral photo near the US Capitol, shirtless and holding an American flag, according to court documents.”

Kelly was arrested in January after the FBI alleged they had obtained information from a paid informant that Kelly had taken a picture from inside the Capitol building during the Jan. 6 incident.

A picture inside the Capitol building? Oh, the humanity! It gets worse.

Kelly apparently bragged to several friends in a private Facebook messaging group saying that he was in DC that fateful day with “ex NYPD and some proud boys.”

The charging documents also included a viral photo of a shirtless Kelly holding an American flag near the US Capitol, however, the supposed picture of him inside the Capitol was not included in the court documents.

Surely Kelly was ready for an all-out violent insurrection on the US government with no shirt, no weapons and plenty of time for pictures. The feds are an absolute joke and it’s become painfully obvious that they are nothing more than Deep State actors.

The supposed insurrection attempt, even with a supposed $1.5 million in damages, pales in comparison to the BLM riots that devastated city after city across the US.

The federal government is just desperate to keep brainwashed Americans outraged over the Jan. 6 event despite it being basically confused chaos rather than some sort of organized, violent insurrection.

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