First Lady Snaps On ‘The View’ Says ‘Will Lose All Our Rights’ In Unhinged Rant

(Patriot Insider) – Democrats are getting pushed to the brink of total and utter madness by the failures of President Joe Biden, which, shockingly, are getting worse by the day. This makes it almost impossible to do any legitimate campaigning in support of him having a second term in the White House without looking like a raving lunatic. And it’s all become far too much to handle for First Lady Jill Biden.

As Allison Anton of The Western Journal noted, the first lady has looked rather calm and collected in her public appearances despite all of the nuttiness that continues to unfold behind the curtains of the Biden administration. That all came crashing down in a recent appearance on ‘The View,’ where Jill Biden had a total meltdown. Guess the hard work of campaigning plus calling the shots for Joe, whose cognitive decline is getting worse, snapped her last nerve.

“Taking her place among those illustrious ladies the day after the Biden campaign’s disastrous news conference outside the courthouse housing Donald Trump’s current trial, Biden made all sorts of dire claims that made Robert De Niro’s hysterical speech look downright mundane in comparison,” Anton wrote. “According to Deadline, Trump’s trial did not come up in the interview (at least not explicitly), but that didn’t stop the first lady from proudly parading her crippling Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

The first lady claimed on the program that her husband’s age doesn’t matter, going on to say that “This election is not about age. This is about character. You have to believe [Trump], when he uses words like ‘dictator,’ ‘bloodbath,’ ‘third term,’ ‘violence.’ We’ve seen it, so when he says these words, believe him. Don’t think this isn’t going to happen.”

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the four years former President Donald Trump served in the White House. Did any of the predictions at that time, which were very similar to those being made today, come true while he was in office? Nope. Not a single one. Which means we have reasonable cause to believe these things won’t come to pass either. Enough said.

“Indeed, the first lady’s capacity for delusion seemed to only increase as she kept talking, dismissing her husband’s disastrous poll numbers: “Those polls are going to turn” because ‘Americans are going to choose good over evil,'” Anton continued. “Lest anyone forgot, the man she propped up as the champion of ‘good’ has been credibly accused of illegal influence-peddling schemes, pedophilia, and general political corruption.”

Hardly seems like the kind of moral character we should have in the Oval Office, right? I’m not worried about a man making crude, inappropriate jokes and lewd locker room talk when it comes to executing the duties of the presidency. I’m worried that a corrupt individual will take advantage of the political power he’s been given by the people he swore to represent for his own personal gain. And there’s plentiful evidence in existence to showcase Biden has done exactly that.

Later in the interview, Jill Biden asked the panel, “Can you imagine if we put anymore Republicans on the Supreme Court?”

Sunny Hostin responded, “No.”

“No! We will lose all of our rights,” Biden declared, answering her own question.

“How would having more Republican justices on the Supreme Court deprive each and every citizen of their Constitutional rights?” The article posed to its readers. “The Court overturned Roe v. Wade because it was bad law, not because the Republican justices wanted to turn the U.S. into a real life version of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ (to cite the left’s favorite mediocre dystopian world).”

In reality, as Anton points out, the conservative justices are the only thing that is keeping America together by preserving the rule of law and not allowing the president to get away with pushing legislation through the backdoor. Oh. Wait. Yeah, that’s why they’re mad. I get it now.

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