Former Fox Producer Drops Bombshell On Network

(Patriot Insider) – A former news producer for Fox News has come out and said that she’s “enraged” by “disgusting” behavior by the network’s connection to the paid promotion of the coronavirus vaccine and how it has deceived viewers concerning the mandates to get the jab.

This isn’t surprising. Fox News, while much better than most networks at providing a more balanced view of the issues, still tends to lean to the left on some stuff, mostly in what seems like a means to try and expand viewers from just its conservative base. It’s still all about the dollar. Money talks, people listen.

Producer Breanna Morello revealed that she bolted from the Fox network when the company started to force employees to take the COVID shots. She then dropped a huge bombshell, claiming that the Fox Corporation was actually receiving big money from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to promote the shots on the air.

“Many people at Fox were upset. Nobody wants to talk about it,” Breanna Morello went on to tell David and Stacey Whited at, according to a report from WND. “But the company did take HHS money and in fact did force us to comply with the vaccine mandates that were already deemed illegal by the Supreme Court when Joe Biden tried implanting them.”

Morello then pointed out that primetime host Tucker Carlson is finally beginning to question the pro-vaccine narrative being pushed by the media and the government itself, but went on to say it’s “almost too late.”

“I can only speak to what we went through, and they gave us hell for this. So, I’m glad he’s speaking out now, I know that this isn’t gonna sit well with the executives,” the report continued.

The WND report revealed that Morello is now working with Emerald Robinson on “The Absolute Truth,” and went on to say, “Emerald does a great piece in our Friday show, she does a monologue about how Fox is changing their narrative and they’re trying to spin it as if they aren’t this pro-vax company.”

“We do play a Sean Hannity clip where Sean Hannity does, in fact, encourage an audience to get the vaccine. And he doesn’t disclose the fact that his network was paid by HHS to promote the vaccine, which is disgusting, and is against every journalistic standard, and there’s no accountability. Now they’re backing away, we’re seeing everyone back away from this vaccine, back away from what they stood for this entire time,” she said.

“They called us crazy,” Morello then stated. “They called us conspiracy theorists and they wanted us all to go hungry and they all wanted us to go homeless, lose everything that we’ve ever worked for. They want us to lose our jobs, they want us to lose everything. I’m just getting enraged by just thinking about this, but these people knew what they were doing at the time. They never stood up for any of us.”

She then went on to directly address Fox executives, saying, “You discriminated against us, you came swinging for all of us and made us all look like we were crazy.”

“When I started tweeting that they were complying with the vaccine mandates, we had ‘Fox & Friends’ anchors going on air and saying they were not vaccinated. And that there’s no vaccine mandate at Fox. That’s garbage! That’s absolute garbage. They’re intentionally going around the fact that they complied with the vaccine mandate in New York City that they knew was illegal,” Morello stated.

“They’re not on our side when it comes to this issue. They’re cowards. But they’re gonna pretend like it is now, like pretend like they’re all on our side,” she added.

The comments from Morello are hitting hard as there are more mysterious deaths coming about, with a few folks in the media actually pointing toward the coronavirus vaccine being responsible for them.

“On Saturday, Jason Jenkins, the senior vice president for the Miami Dolphins football team, died of an unknown cause, the Palm Beach Post reported,” the report went on to say.

“There’s a pandemic that nobody is talking about. It’s the pandemic of ‘Unknown Cause of Death’ (UCOD),” J.D. Rucker at the Liberty Daily went on to say about Jenkins’ sudden demise.

“It is quickly becoming the most deadly ailment in the world, but corporate media and governments are not mentioning it at all. There is no known cure for it and there is no vaccine to prevent it. In fact, many would (rightly) argue the most likely cause of the UCOD Pandemic is the Covid ‘vaccines’ themselves,” he stated.

“As with all corporate media stories on topics dealing with UCOD cases, they skim past the mystery of the death, never mention Covid or the vaccines, and proceed to fill the rest of the stories with reactions from friends and a short life story,” he added.

“Meanwhile, studies and statistics continue to emerge pointing to a definite correlating and probable causal relationship with the rollout of the Covid jabs. For example, new data out of Israel shows total deaths in 2021 were higher with the jabs being rolled out than at the peak of Covid hysteria in 2020. More importantly, with Covid practically out of the picture in 2022, deaths are even higher than in 2021,” he stated.

“I’m neither a doctor nor a mathematician, but I can read basic facts and draw obvious conclusions. It’s the jabs. Short- and long-term adverse reactions are killing people,” he went on, adding, “This is why there’s such a sharp rise in UCOD cases. Big Tech is getting a little less restrictive about Covid injection truth. A little. It’s important we share this information with as many as possible to prevent further ‘vaccinations’ and ‘boosters’ from reaching arms across the globe.”

The bottom line is, this vaccine was highly experimental. No one really knew how this was going to work, though you’d never guess that by the way the left-wing media kept trying to push folks into getting the jab. Now people are dying and having such awful reactions to the ingredients in the vaccine that the “cure” has become far worse than the disease itself.

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  1. I don’t know. My doctor told me to get the shot and boosters which I did because the effects of COVID won’t be as bad as without the shots. And, since elderly people were the ones in danger, I took the shots. What I remember about the COVID era was from the beginning there weren’t enough respirators than after getting enough respirators, they said we shouldn’t have used respirators, well, if a person can’t breathe what do you use. I remember the hospitals being closed to surgeries, cancer treatments, tests to figure out if you just had a heart attack or not, kidneys, etc., etc. Since when do you close hospitals when they are needed especially in a pandemic. President Trump got respirators, sent ship hospitals when Cuomo demanded in a nasty, threatening voice, than NY City didn’t use the hospitals brought in, the boat sat there and New jersey asked for the boat since it wasn’t being used and Trump sent the boat thee, the board tent hospitals were barely used. Than Cuomo sent COVID young patients into nursery homes and the deaths of old people shot up. Also, there was one hospital that was loaded with COVID and the city was sending patients to that hospital instead of opening up other hospitals. The hospital that was over loaded and should have been closed and disinfected, they had heart patients and COVID patients in the same rooms and patients who survived told relatives there was a terrible musty smell and COVID has a musty smell. That hospital was collecting more money for COVID patients from the govt and that’s why they wanted those patients. The feeling of people being taken to that hospital was once you go in there, you don’t come out. Hospitals got over $32,000 a patient from the govt much more than patients with other dying problems. Now the numbers of normal patients, heart, kidney, pneumonia, etc. are higher is because they didn’t get treated for their medical problems for two years because the media and democrats were screaming for you not to go to the hospital unless after a few days of waiting you were serious. By that time you can’t be brought back by doctors, you might as well stay home and die among your family instead of dying in the hospitals with strangers. You couldn’t see your doctor either, their offices were closed deader than a door nail. Yes, the vaccine was experimental, the vaccine makeup was unknown because China wouldn’t give the makeup of the vaccine to any country. That’s the fault of the Chinese and Fauci for being the one who paid our taxpayer money to our enemy China to make a virus to be used in war. Again another mistake, China’s virus ended up killing old people and not the young people age of soldiers in a war. And by the way, COVID is a SARS virus and the flue is also a SARS virus and you can die from the flue as well as COVID but we don’t shut down the country for the flue. WWI ended due to the flue among soldiers on both sides. I think the media screamed us into a panic and COVID killed at first so easily because we didn’t know we already had medicines (pills) to kill it in your body. The panic pushed us into thinking it was so new and we didn’t have its makeup so we raced into needing a vaccination while there were pills that are now being used that we have had right along. I don’t listen to the media any more, when the media starts screaming about anything that seems to have political reasons behind it, I find something else to scream about.

  2. Thanks Dr Eli David for sharing the death statistics. Seems our CDC wants to continue the coverup. I’m waiting for Brandon Biden to resign – he said to Trump “anyone responsible for that many deaths does not deserve to be President” well Joe, you surpassed President Trump!

    I was banned from Twit for questioning the side effects to the heart. I knew then our country was going Fascist Commie. Joe proves it everyday.

  3. I am a nurse never had heart issues but the first Covid shot Moderna I had atrial fibrillation- 2nd shot atrial fibrillation symptoms off and on 2 weeks- Booster b/p meds 3 total. Still having problems spent whole day in ER chest pain etc. left arm hand numbness. And for me to be able to work mandated we had Covid shots but now it’s changed! No more shots for me ever !It’s a shame people being euthanized God helps us!

  4. And now it comes out how school closings have effected the young children in our country. No shit Trump and the republicans have been saying that from the beginning. The kicker is democracts are now blaming Trump and republicans for this. Every Republican running for office should have commercials running constantly showing themselves and Trump saying over and over again that schools should remain open along side the democrats and the teachers unions saying they should be closed. Democrats truly believe Americans are stupid and only have a memory capacity of 5 minutes, well democrats that’s your people who are stupid with the 5 minute memory capacity REPUBLICANS REMEMBER IT ALL.


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