FRIGHTENING: WHO Changes Direction — Warns AGAINST Vaccine Mandates, Repeated Booster Shots

(Patriot Insider) – It was only a matter of time before those behind the COVID charade were forced to admit the vaccines aren’t working. The WHO is now voicing concerns over government plans to just keep forcing people to get boosted over and over again.

The vaccines clearly don’t work. It isn’t a secret. It’s obvious to anyone who has eyes. They don’t stop COVID. They don’t even prevent hospitalization or death. They have been the biggest scam the world has ever seen (screenshot here), aside from the entire COVID charade itself.

While the WHO is now recognizing that the plan to keep forcing people to keep receiving boosters is neither appropriate nor sustainable, it’s too late for millions of people around the world who have already been injected three times with the experimental and dangerous COVID shots.

Admitting the inability of the shots to stop the spread of COVID, the UN health agency said that future vaccines against COVID must “be more effective in protection against infection thus lowering community transmission.”

Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter who has devoted his independent reporting entirely to the pandemic, responded to this latest development by saying, “It’s over, people.”

On his Substack page, he added, “Aside from a few unlucky Israelis, no one is going to receive a fourth dose of the original vaccine; everyone with eyes can see it doesn’t work against Omicron.”

On Wednesday, the WHO also advised that vaccination status should not be used to prevent people from traveling internationally. It urged governments to only implement vaccine mandates as a “last resort.”

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the European Union’s top health agency warned about the dangers of getting boosted every four months saying it could harm the immune system’s ability to fight off disease.

The European Medicines Agency advised countries to mirror the seasonal influenza vaccination strategy tied to the onset of the cold season instead of forcing repeated, nonstop boosters.

Berenson remarked that COVID has proven to be “faster than the scientists,” and even the mRNA vaccines take far too long to develop. He said that a third dose would be, at most, “weeks of marginally improved protection” from “potentially severe side effects,” though that isn’t even able to be proven true.

The WHO discussed the vaccine mandates in response to questions from the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers about Australia’s ban of top tennis player Novak Djokovic because he is unvaccinated.

Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Program, said that vaccine mandates should be used “as a last resort … in the face of a large epidemic.”

Unfortunately, governments can simply declare there to be a “large epidemic” even if there isn’t one, as justification for their tyrannical vaccine mandates.

Dr. Ryan went on to say, “So yes, there are circumstances in which vaccine mandates are supported by WHO, but, again, it is subjected to the basic principle that the best way to get people vaccinated is to inform them, to educate, to have a dialogue and to address people’s genuine concerns,” he said.

Ryan said the WHO always asks “that those mandates be clear, be explicit, be time-limited and at the same time… governments continue to explain to people why they’re doing things and continue to try and convince people of the benefits of vaccines rather than reverting to mandates as a single approach.”

Katherine O’Brien, director of the WHO’s Department of Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals, contended that no one should be denied the ability to travel internationally based on vaccination status claiming that not everyone in the world has the same access to vaccines.

“Free and full access to safe and effective vaccines is the absolute precondition before a mandate is made and that is a grounding principle,” she said.

The WHO is abandoning their support for the COVID vaccines. Will world governments follow suit?

It seems pretty doubtful that the Biden regime will reverse course and give up on instituting tyranny in the name of COVID.

This is why the upcoming midterm elections are imperative to the future of the US.

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