Globalist Bill Gates Helped Big Pharma Companies Maintain Their Monopoly On Vaccines During COVID

(Patriot Insider) – When the COVID-19 pandemic reached the US, several “leaders” emerged, none of which were elected by the people. Billionaire Bill Gates has become one of those “leaders.”

After spending years warning the world about the implications of a possible global pandemic, Bill Gates seemed enthusiastic to finally be seeing his predictions come to fruition.

While he has seemingly been trying to save humanity from the Wuhan coronavirus, which over 98% of the people who contract it survive, he has actually become quite the villain.

Anyone familiar with Gates and his work, however, have known the truth about Gates and his self-serving, globalist agenda.

While the vaccine roll-outs in developed countries have gone pretty well, Infowars reports that “in 130 countries, representing a population of 2.5 billion people, not a single adult has received a dose.”

How could this be? Weren’t the vaccine roll-outs supposed to be a global initiative? Well, yes, they were, until Bill Gates took the reins.

Gates has always been a stark proponent of respecting exclusive intellectual property claims and therefore when the world wanted to collaborate and establish a way for developing countries to access and utilize the same data, research and information needed to make life-saving vaccines, Bill Gates wasn’t too keen to let that happen.

Infowars reports that the world was gearing up to establish an open-vaccine movement which would result in a “people’s vaccine” that would be able to be produced “cheaply and easily by various governments.”

The WHO kicked off these efforts last May with the launching of the COVID-19 Technology Access Pool, or C-TAP. The C-TAP had the intention of “pooling all of the publicly available vaccine knowledge in one central clearinghouse.”

The idea was for public and private entities and individuals to amass research and relevant intellectual property into a “global knowledge fund” throughout the duration of the pandemic.

This movement, however, quickly hit a wall “stymied by a global drug system founded on proprietary science and closely guarded market monopolies.”

In other words, Bill Gates stepped in and launched his own technology accelerator.

The New Republic reports that Bill Gates COVID-19 ACT-Accelerator “expressed a status quo vision for organizing the research, development, manufacture, and distribution of treatments and vaccines.”

However, Gates’ Accelerator was centered on Gates’ “long-standing commitment to respecting exclusive intellectual property claims.”

In short, Bill Gates vehemently promoted the idea that intellectual property rights should be protected no matter what, even in the event of a global pandemic.

Thanks to Gates involvement, the efforts to establish a global data and information clearinghouse were essentially stopped dead in their tracks and an “every country for themselves” approach instead emerged.

Gates’ message was that the pooling of intellectual information was “unnecessary and counterproductive” which resulted in a handful of Big Pharma drug makers being afforded enormous influence over the very fate of the world.

Under Gates’ leadership, powerful drug companies maintained their power and control along with their astronomical profit margins, while developing countries were left in the dust.

In the end, Bill Gates managed to convince the world that he was partnering up with the WHO in order to ensure developing countries had equal and fair access to vaccines but in reality he has only been standing in the way of sharing technology that could potentially save lives.

Bill Gates is no savior. He’s a wealthy globalist elite whose only goal is to dominate and control the masses in order to establish the elite ruling class.

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  1. Just like George Soros, he suffers from a “God” complex
    Beware of these people is just about the money to them.

  2. Sorry. None of what you’re saying is accurate. If Bill Gates did anything, it was tojust donate money and say “I told you so.” All of the vaccine development was done by, or through the auspices of, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), under political appointees of the Trump administration. Gates had no input. Operation Warp Speed was conceived and overseen by the Secretary of HHS and his senior staff, in agreements made with any number of drug companies— it was, in a sense, a competition. We, the people of the US, provided grants through HHS, and the drug companies bore the rest of the costs of development. The cost of each vaccine was kept as low as possible—again by the Trump Administration—in agreements with the drug companies, who also took the risk of failure (which happened in a number of cases). In this way, several good vaccine candidates were produced in record time, to be provided at low cost to the States. The drug companies were allowed to make a profit, of course, but they could not soak the US government, which had provided the seed money. It turned out to be an excellent investment for all of us. Gates, like Soros, was simply not a player.


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