GOP Wins Big In US Census: TX Gains 2 House Seats, CA, NY Lose One As US Political Map Changes

(Patriot Insider) – The Democrats were so distracted rigging the 2020 election that they completely forgot to rig the 2020 census.

The first set of results from the census have been released and it’s good news for freedom-loving conservatives. No doubt, Democrats and unhinged liberals from sea to shining sea are having epic meltdowns over the results and scheming ways to delegitimize them.

Unfortunately for them, their tricks aren’t likely to make much of a difference. They insisted on conducting the census without regard to citizenship, thinking that it would benefit them, but in the end they’re losing.

Red states like Texas and Florida are picking up seats in the US House of Representatives while blue states California and New York are losing seats. Ouch. That’s got to hurt.

Texas will go from 38 seats to 40, while Colorado, Florida, Montana, Oregon and North Carolina also pick up seats. Joining the losing team with California and New York are Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Looks like Americans are fleeing unchecked tyrannical rule by the masses.

It’s worth noting that the states that won the most seats are primarily the states that President Trump won in 2020. States that Biden “won” are losing seats.

This is going to have an impact on the 2024 presidential election because the Electoral College is influenced by the House of Representatives.

There is, however, reasons for conservatives to be concerned. Yes, red states will end up with more seats in the House but that’s only because people are moving from blue states to red states.

We have to wonder how long will states like Texas, Florida and North Carolina stay red. What happens when all of the people who have fled Democratic strongholds California and New York start voting in their new states?

We can only hope that it’s conservatives who have been fleeing blue states and that the danger of red states like Texas and Florida flipping blue remain minimal.

The Census Bureau reports that the US population grew by 7.4% over the last ten years and the total population is now 331,449,281. Of course, that doesn’t include the tens of millions of illegal immigrants illegally residing in our country and living off our social services.

The 2020 census was actually delayed because of President Trump’s efforts to stop Democrats’ efforts from including illegal aliens in the count. Even though Trump was unsuccessful it still appears Republicans won in the end, at least for now.

The Census Bureau released the first round of initial figures Monday afternoon with more demographic information to be evaluated and released August 16.

The information released in August will be used by states to redraw congressional district maps.

Americans are certainly fortunate that the census was performed in 2020 under Trump and not 2021 under the usurper Joe Biden. His regime’s open border policies will eventually lead to Republicans losing out in Congress but at least we’ve been granted another 10 years.

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