HUGE! Trump-Endorsed Candidate Unseats House Republican Who Voted To Create Jan. 6 Committee

(Patriot Insider) – Republican Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois gave a long-time incumbent responsible for the creation of the House panel that is currently investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol incursion a good old fashioned political beat down, thanks to having a little help from President Donald Trump.

According to the folks at The Western Journal, Miller was up against Republican Rep. Rodney Davis in the primary held on Tuesday, which came about as the result of redistricting.

With a total of 91 percent of the voting precincts reporting their results, Miller was ahead of Davis 57.2 percent to 42.8 percent in the race for the state’s freshly gerrymandered 15th Congressional District, according to a report published by The New York Times.

Trump stated that Miller was “a warrior for our movement” when he put on a rally for her last weekend. And friends, when you get that kind of an endorsement from Trump, you can guarantee his loyal conservative base will show up in droves to ensure that individual is elected.

Miller sat down for an interview with Fox News last Friday where she said that Davis “stabbed President Trump in the back multiple times, and the people in the 15th District don’t appreciate it. Voting for the Jan. 6 commission has outraged people.”

“My friends, this race is between MAGA and a RINO establishment member,” the congresswoman went on to say during one rally, according to the Times, employing the use of the acronym for “Republican in name only.”

The main theme of Miller’s campaign was built upon an anti-Washington narrative.

“The global elites are determined to destroy our way of life, including the family farm,” she went on to say at a recent rally. “We will not let them destroy us. We are Americans. This is our beautiful country, and we will never surrender to the Marxists in Washington.”

There were a couple of other big winners this week that had the endorsement of Trump, such as Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert.

Boebert brought in 65 percent of the vote in her primary race.

GOP Sen. Mike Lee from Utah also scored a big victory with the help of Trump’s support, along with fellow Republican Reps. Burgess Own and Chris Stewart, also of Utah.

“Utah Republican voters have spoken tonight, and they had a choice,” Lee remarked during a victory rally, according to a report from The Salt Lake City Tribune. “They made the choice for freedom.”

“They made a choice, rejecting the Biden administration’s failed policies,” he continued.

In total, all 17 Trump endorsed candidates won, which includes Illinois state Sen. Darren Bailey, who is currently running for governor.

During a rally that was held over the weekend, Trump referred to Bailey as an “outstanding warrior in the Illinois state Senate where he’s totally, totally respected by all of them,” and then went on to call Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker “one of the worst governors in America.”

The lesson, folks, is that Trump still has a lot of sway and massive power in the political realm. He’s clearly playing a big role in the shaping of our country’s future, even without being in the White House. Liberals who thought they got rid of him by “voting” in Biden are no doubt sorely disappointed.

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  1. If nothing else, this should send a CLEAR message to these USELESS, self-serving, “go along to get along” so-called “Republican” JERKS that we are DONE putting up with their treachery and continual BACK-STABBING of Conservatives at every opportunity! You wanna vote with the conniving Demmunists who are working day and night to DESTROY this country and our liberties with it? Expect to be PRIMARIED for your cowardice and treachery.

  2. Unfortunately in Indiana, we have a Senator that once he was thru the primaries, decided to start dealing our liberties away with the democrats. Todd Young just participated with the democrat’s and Mitch McConnell’s “bipartisan” gun legislation that makes it more likely that more law abiding citizens will be harassed with Red Flag Gun Laws, throws more money at the problem, and just plain restates most of the things already on the books. This bill is a complete virtue signaling, propaganda exercise of the democrats and Republicans have no business aiding them in their incremental deconstruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Anyway it is hard to believe that a majority of the citizens Todd is supposed to represent would be in favor of more hoops to jump through for gun owners. But Todd is undeterred, he just sent me a letter boasting of the “achievements” of the bill. I believe this exactly what JoAnn above was talking about. Once they get in, they do whatever THEY want to do. Here in Indiana we have no way to recall such turncoats but I’m hoping more people like me in the state send letters to their representatives in the state legislature to make recalls possible so we don’t have to wait 6 years to get rid of these guys. Some of us are on borrowed time. Most of us don’t have time to wait another 50 years for the pendulum to swing away from the commies. That’s how long these guys have been at it now.

  3. Get ready Rino’s we are ridding our country of you the same way we are ridding our country of the democrats this November. This country is the best country in the world and should always come first, somewhere along the line you all lost sight of that. Your own personal gain and power took over, well I’m hoping we destroy you all in November and bring the people in that think like we do, love our country the way we do and are proud of our country as we do. Tick tick tick I hate wishing my life away but November can’t come fast enough.


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