“I Keep Forgetting I’m President,” Biden Attempts To Make Awkward Joke But Only Proves Mental Decline

(Patriot Insider) – Despite the media’s constant denials and refusal to cover the fact that Joe Biden has dementia, even the Usurper-in-Chief acknowledges that something just isn’t quite right upstairs.

On Wednesday, during a speech to US troops stationed at Royal Air Force Mildenhall in the UK, Biden forgot to give the “at ease” drill command and then admitted sometimes he forgets he’s president.

Biden never wastes an opportunity to make the US look weak and foolish.

“Thank you, and Sydney, you’re fourteen years old,” Biden said.

“When I was fourteen, if you – please at ease,” Biden finally told the troops who were all still standing at attention.

“I keep forgetting I’m President,” Biden joked, though we’re sure he’s probably serious. The crowd laughed awkwardly and then Biden continued on speaking to the 14-year-old Sydney.

In his remarks to the child, Biden said that when he was 14-years-old he had a speech impediment. He said this as if he’s now some kind of charismatic, successful public speaker.

“When I was fourteen years old, I would have been, I mean this sincerely, scared to death to stand up in front of a microphone with a large crowd or a small one,” Biden said. “See when I was a child I used to stutter badly, for real. I had great difficulty speaking in front of other people.”

Ironically, Biden still has great difficulty speaking. Now, however, it’s because he clearly suffers from pretty serious cognitive decline. That’s why he’s always accompanied by a handler whether it be his wife or his VP, Biden never goes anywhere alone. He can’t.

Later in his speech to the troops, he claimed that global warming is the greatest threat facing America. The statement comes after he just last week said that “white supremacy” was the greatest threat.

With a straight face, Joe Biden said, “This is not a joke. You know what the Joint Chiefs told us the greatest threat facing America was? Global warming.”

Surely, the greatest threat isn’t China or Russia or Iran. That would explain why instead of worrying about having a strong and capable military, Biden and his regime are more concerned with pronouns, flight suits for pregnant women, and trans military members being able to get their surgeries fully paid for by taxpayers.

Before Joe Biden addressed the troops on Wednesday, Jill Biden spoke. At one point, Joe was looking around at the Troops behind them when Jill had to reprimand him to “pay attention.”

So awkward.

Naturally, Joe Biden immediately obeyed his handler wife and even pretended to stand at attention and salute her.

Joe and Jill will spend 8 days in Europe to participate in the G7 summit in Cornwall which it appears only Jill Biden has been getting ready for.

In a picture surely meant to let the world know who’s really in charge, Jill Biden posed at a desk appearing to be diligently “prepping for G7.”

We can only assume Joe Biden was laying down somewhere, napping.

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  1. It’s incredible to imagine that this old man with all his frailties will represent this
    country for the next four years. He’s been in politics for 50 years & his lack
    luster history leaves everything to wish for as the commander-in-chief of the
    most powerful nation on earth.
    Hopefully, Biden won’t finish his term but he will be President long enough to do
    America irreparable damage.

  2. This old buffoon is such a legend in his own mind. I’m amazed that in a country of 330 million people. He had risen to the top as the best of breed within his party becoming President of the United States. Proof that the system is rigged…it was his “turn” just like it was Hillary’s turn last election. The Democrats couldn’t lose again so they made sure they allowed the people to vote in ways we’ve never seen. Before the election, on the day of the election and in some cases up to 9 days after the election, to insure a victory over Donald Trump. In other words, they stole the election.

  3. It’s not just him, he’s the perfect puppet for the socialist left, and his handlers [ obozo, susan rice , pelosi, schumer, and soros, are doing whatever it take’s to bring this country down,AMERICANS HAVE GOT TO START FIGHTING BACK OR WERE DOOMED!


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