Is Nancy Pelosi Delusional About Midterms? Look What She Told Stephen Colbert

(Patriot Insider) – Democrats are in trouble. They’re facing an inevitable red tsunami in just a few short weeks, come November 8. Assuming the November general elections are fair and free, Republicans are sure to take over control of both chambers of Congress.

Joe Biden’s approval rating has never been lower and it’s clear to most sane, rational Americans that his regime is taking the country in the wrong direction, on purpose.

Americans are ready for big changes in Washington but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appears to be in denial.

During a recent appearance on Stephen Colbert’s “The Late Show,” Pelosi asserted that Democrats will “hold the House by winning more seats.”

It’s hard to believe she was able to say that with a straight face but Pelosi has been maintaining for months that Democrats will “hold the House.” She’s either suffering from the same cognitive decline as Joe Biden or she’s purposefully lying as a tactic to make Americans think radical leftists are actually the majority.

As Karl Rove pointed out in an Op-Ed for Fox News, there’s very little chance of Democrats maintaining control of the House by winning more seats, at least according to historical precedence.

“Since the creation of what political scientists call the ‘Second American Party System’ between 1818 and 1824, there have been just two times that the party holding the White House gained House seats – 1934 and 2002, “Rove wrote, adding, “But while it can be done, today we don’t have President Franklin Delano Roosevelt bringing the nation back from the depths of the Great Depression or President George W. Bush leading the War Against Terror in the aftermath of 9/11.”

No, we certainly do not. We have Joe Biden. An elderly man suffering from clear cognitive decline with a 43% approval rating who is desperately trying to push America into the second Great Depression.

Only 27% of Americans believe the US is headed in the right direction, inflation is at a 40-year high, 82% of Americans think the economy is “only fair” or “poor,” there is a raging crisis at the southern border in which millions of illegal aliens have infiltrated the country and crime rates are soaring across the country.

Things are not going well, to say the least. Not only are things not going well but most Americans are able to recognize that things are not going well by design. Unless elections are rigged around the country, there’s no way Democrats will maintain control of the House and they especially won’t be adding seats.

The Democrats already have a slim majority, with just five seats giving them the advantage over Republicans. Pelosi knows deep down Democrats don’t have a chance of “holding the House” but if she says so, Democrat donors might just close up their pocketbooks and that’s the last thing the California Democrat wants.

She’s got to maintain optimism so that those working to get Democrats elected and reelected keep chugging on. If she admits Democrats are facing inevitable defeat in November, Democratic voters might just decide there’s no point in getting out to vote at all.

Pelosi might be just as elderly and delusional as Joe Biden but claiming that the House is going to stay in Democrats’ control is an entirely strategic play.

Of course Pelosi is going to exude confidence on a show hosted by a raging liberal and watched by other like-minded, unhinged Americans, including scores of wealthy celebrity donors in the hills of Hollywood.

Nonetheless, it sure is sad to watch Pelosi desperately grasping on to whatever straws she can. She knows her time is coming to an end and after decades in politics, that’s got to be a hard pill to swallow.

Rove concluded, “After November, she’s likely to go swiftly, resigning from Congress to allow her party to attempt a reset with new leadership. Whether announced as such or not, her Colbert appearance was a late-night talk show swan song.”

We can only hope Rove is right and that Nancy Pelosi’s time in Congress will soon be a thing of the past.

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  1. She’s the raging Catholic progressive leftist abortion loving witch of the West. All I can say is Nancy better have her “come to Jesus” moment real soon or she’ll find out how much her “Catholic membership” will help while leaving her earthly body. I hope she does realize the error of her bastardized beliefs because hell was created for the rebellious angels and not humans, but gehenna will not be a pleasant place to be for eternity.


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