Is Obama About To Legally Sneak Back As President?

(Patriot Insider) – Last week we all witnessed former President Barack Obama visit the White House where he was treated like some sort of celebrity king while Joe Biden, his former vice president and the man currently occupying the Oval Office was totally ignored and wandered around aimlessly.

According to a report from WND, this has spurred talk that the Biden administration might essentially be over and that Obama might be trying to slither his way back into the position.

I know what you’re thinking. He can’t do that because of the 22nd Amendment in the Constitution which prevents Obama from being “elected to the office.” However, a “wild theory” — not my words, but that of the publication — from the folks over at American Thinker could have him taking over the presidency through a legal route.

Andrea Widburg writes, “Obama’s aiming to get back into the Oval Office.”

“My premise is that Obama fully understands that, if Biden is ousted immediately under the 25th Amendment, there are only idiots and incompetents to take his place,” Widburg continues.

“If it’s not Kamala Harris, then it’s Nancy Pelosi and, if not her, then Patrick Leahy, Antony Blinken, Janet Yellen, Lloyd Austin, Merrick Garland… Obama knows none of these nonentities will secure the transformation he promised America. Instead, there are three steps to return Obama to the presidency,” she says.

“1. Have the Democrat establishment remove Kamala Harris from office, whether through threats or bribes,” Widburg posits first.

“2. Have the Democrats declare that, because world instability (Ukraine, Putin, China) puts us at unprecedented risk, only a politically seasoned person can be vice president, with Obama graciously accepting that role,” she explains.

“3. Oust Biden using the 25th Amendment. And voilà! President Obama (again). He can even have Stacey Abrams as his veep,” the writer finishes outlining her theory.

Widburg then goes on to point out, “Obama will then have two and a half years to lock down America’s ‘fundamental transformation’ into a fully socialized third-world country, and Biden has given him a head start when it comes to destroying institutions. Heck, if Obama does the job right, he can be the new Putin or Erdoğan: America’s president for life.”

“And yes, I agree this sounds crazy, but events since 2020 show that we really are nothing more than a fancy banana republic,” she adds for clarification.

The author of the piece then goes on to say that Obama “is probably the one running the White House show” at the current time, and he “has signaled that Biden’s presidency is over, making Biden toxic.”

She then made the claim that “Kamala Harris still thinks she has a shot at the presidency when (not if) Biden is removed. She was auditioning hard for the job, trying to show Obama that she’ll do better than Biden at preserving and expanding the hard-left Obama legacy.”

“However, Obama, who is an extremely smart politician, despite his ignorance and broken, Marxist moral compass, knows that Kamala is as bad as, or even worse than, Biden,” Widburg says.

You know, as Widburg noted, this sounds insane. But look at all of the insanity we have witnessed since Obama was first elected to office. Things we never dreamed we would see in reality, the kind of stuff in political thriller novels and movies, have come to pass.

Elections have been stolen. We’re on the cusp of a third world war. People think they can just switch up their genders on a whim. Kids in kindergarten are being groomed to accept transgenderism and homosexuality as normative behavior. Liberals are trying to normalize pedophilia.

Anything is possible at this point.

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    • I second that. This coup, plan would be a recipe for civil war. I’m volunteering right now if that were to come to pass. As far as being legal, I’m not so sure about that. I would favor President Trump taking over the Speaker’s position and then impeaching both of them so that he could take over. But it doesn’t look like he holds “crazy shenanigans” in the same high regard as perhaps, Obummer might. Trump at least hasn’t used up his 2 terms yet.

  1. If Americans set back and watch this happen, then we are no better than Russia. The people of this country VOTED Obama out once and I don’t care what some of you think. I think that there’s more people willing to do whatever it takes to STOP this mess!!!

  2. Obama is already in charge and making all the decisions while Biden is just a puppet front man. I have been saying this all along! The reason Hunter’s laptop is now in the headlines and the liberal news media is reporting on it is to oust Biden as President. This had all been planned before the Presidential election. The democrat party all knew that Biden was not capable of leading the country and that is why they kept him hidden in his basement. When Obama has officially been declared President again there will be no more voting he will become the permanent dictator!

    • I believe Jeanni is right about all she has stated. If and when the evil Obama ( Bath House Barry ) gets his grubby hands on the White House again, we as a nation is toast. I’ll never accept him as our President. I was a democrat and supported Obama’s first time in office, but by his second term, I saw the light and left the party as fast as I could and have been a staunch conservative Republican since I left that party. Trump was one of the best presidents this country has ever had and I pray he returns to clean up this trash.

  3. Obama is nothing but an orator, a terrific speaker who really says nothing. He helped Russia get Crimea, he helped send our plants over to China. He said no one could improve the country economically because he didn’t and therefore no one could. His own wife said she wasn’t proud of this country that had her parked in our White House. Obama and his democrats started the race crap and the homosexual special people rights crap and called us racists and anti homosexual when we said homosexuals should not have extra rights over others and republicans said blacks and minorities should be allowed to go to schools of their choice to get out of the failing democrat city public schools they were in. Obama did nothing for us except incite racism hate for America which is when you think about it, is treason when he pushed his racism and pro LGBT agenda and pro-communist China and Russia agendas against white people while he, a black man was parked through democratic party voting in our White House. And his wife pushing her crappy lunch program in our public schools that kids threw out, how can these people thinking Obama was good for us be normal, they are crazy in their heads and shouldn’t be allowed to vote due to their low anti American mental capacity.

  4. i don’t want Obama back in white house because if he gets back in we will have satan taking over our country , he already started destroying our military & making us weak , but Biden has been doing a good job of weakening our military , economy and opening door for Russia & China the other 2 evils of satan.


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