Jill Biden For President? The Answer Will Shock You

(Patriot Insider) – We’re witnessing yet another highly disturbing twist in the train wreck that is Joe Biden’s presidency as there are now reports his wife, Jill Biden, is the one who really wields all the power behind the scenes. I can’t think of much that is more frightening than the “doctor” being the one calling the shots in the White House while the president is likely suffering from both incompetence and dementia.

However, what makes the notion of Jill Biden being the voice whispering in the president’s ear like some sort of real life version of Lord of the Rings character Wormtongue, is that she has absolutely zero experience holding a political office and is her hubby’s “closest most protective confidante” and is now playing a role in helping to shape every single decision that comes out of the current administration. At least according to Nancy Cook of Bloomberg.

As Samantha Chang writing for The Western Journal pointed out, this is scary because Americans did not vote for Jill Biden, who is an English teacher without a background in politics or policy. Just imagine giving an infant an uzi and placing them in a crowded area with the safety off. That’s what giving Jill Biden political power is like.

“As the campaign unfolds, the first lady is expected to assert herself on major decisions, especially the biggest of them all: whether Biden — at 80, the oldest person to ever hold the presidency — will run for re-election in the first place,” Cook went on to write back on Jan. 28.

“She supports a bid, according to people familiar with the matter, because she cares about how her husband is perceived and believes he’s better at the job than his 42% average approval rating…” Cook continued.

The report then went on to say that the first lady is “expected to serve both as adviser and surrogate,” in the upcoming re-election campaign for her husband. Which seems to indicate that the Democratic Party is planning on allowing Joe Biden to be their nominee once again. Which is mind-blowing given his health, age, and consistently terrible performance.

“Fox News columnist Liz Peek expressed alarm that the first lady is apparently telling the president what to do, concealing his deteriorating mental faculties from the public and assuming an outsized role in the Oval Office beyond the scope of her official duties,” Chang’s article noted.

“The departure of longtime adviser and Chief of Staff Ron Klain has created something of a power vacuum in Biden’s close circle, allowing Jill considerably more sway,” Peek writes. “Jill Biden has been described as the president’s closest confidant and has influenced not only his decision to run again, but also policy decisions and key hires, such as his choice for Secretary of Education.”

We’ve also witnessed the first lady on numerous occasions on camera yanking her dementia-riddled husband away from reporters at the White House, whose whole purpose for existing is to chronicle his time in office.

“Last year she burst into a meeting of Joe’s top aides, furious that they had allowed him to take questions at a news conference for nearly two hours,” Peek continued. “She evidently does not think Joe can stand up to two hours of inquisition.”

Back in the early part of summer 2022, Jill was seen pulling Joe away from the press who were doing their jobs and asking him questions. Is the first lady attempting to limit the exposure Joe has with the press in order to keep him from blowing off at the mouth with yet another gaffe.

And, it seems, she was doing the same thing when her husband was on the campaign trail back in 2020.

Michael LaRosa, the former press secretary for Jill Biden, has confirmed she’s a very pervasive influence on everything the commander-in-chief does.

“She is his gut check on everything,” he remarked during an interview with Bloomberg.

Katherine Jellison, a historian and professor of women’s history with Ohio University is in agreement with LaRosa.

“She is more hands-on than many other First Ladies have been,” Jellison said to Bloomberg. “At the Iowa caucuses, during the last time around, she was literally knocking on doors and logging a lot of walking miles.”

NBC News, one of the leading liberal news networks, has even described Jill as having “unparalleled influence” on the presidency.

“Her wide-ranging impact is disturbing because she appears to be doing her best — both behind the scenes and in front of the cameras — to conceal the octogenarian president’s cognitive struggles,” Chang stated.

“After President Woodrow Wilson suffered a massive stroke in October 1919, leaving him paralyzed, his wife Edith effectively took over, concealing his disabilities from Wilson’s staff, his cabinet and Congress,” Peek explained. “Edith Wilson ran the country until the end of her husband’s term in March 1921.”

This is not the person America signed up for. A case could easily be made that Joe Biden is also not the person voters put in office back in 2020, but that’s a different story. The bottom line is, the American people deserve to know who is really in power right now and whether or not the current president is actually mentally fit to discharge the duties of his office.

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  1. Jill Biden is an Adulterous, besides that she is part of the corrupt Biden foundation. She should not be allowed to participate in any faction of politics! Those American citizens who continuously vote for a Democrat is obviously a very and I mean very ignorant & stupid person. The younger generation have no respect for what America Stand For, including the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. The Supereme Court of the United States is politically armed with Woke ideas instead of adhearance to the U.S. Constitution. My Relatives and myself have served in the armed forces and are heart broken in the direction my country is turning!

  2. So, Are you suggesting it is actually Jill Biden that is responsible for the stupid decisions that have been made that put our country in great peril?


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