Jill Biden Suffering From Mental Decline Too? Says She Knows Hunter “Is Innocent”

(Patriot Insider) – Jill Biden might not be Hunter Biden’s biological mother but she’s defending him like one. Last week, Jill Biden told NBC News that Hunter is “innocent” proving she’s just as big a liar as her husband.

“Everybody and their brother has investigated Hunter,” she asserted to NBC News, “They keep at it, and at it, and at it,” yet “I know that Hunter is innocent.”

She “knows” that Hunter Biden is “innocent?” Interesting revelation. Apparently she hasn’t seen the contents of his infamous laptop that provides ample evidence Hunter Biden is anything but innocent. The same can be said of her husband, Joe Biden.

Unfortunately, the only infractions of the law prosecutors have been willing to go after Hunter for, thus far, is a minor gun law violation involving him lying about his drug problem on a permit application, and his defrauding the IRS years ago.

Hunter Biden has committed much more serious and damning crimes than those but Joe and Jill Biden are in control of the corrupt, partisan Department of Justice and the Democrats in Congress. No one is going to move on Hunter until something major changes like, for example, Republicans taking control of Congress.

As the New York Post pointed out, if Hunter Biden were “Hunter Smith” he would have ended up “in court long before now.”

As it stands right now, however, there are no special counsel investigations or congressional hearings into the laptop which contains strong evidence that Joe Biden himself was a part of Hunter Biden’s business deals and took a cut from his profits.

The laptop provides ample evidence to, at the very least, start a formal investigation into both Joe and Hunter Biden but instead the Delaware US Attorney General overseeing the probe into Hunter’s tax issues is dragging his feet so slowly that sources within the DOJ have felt compelled to take action to prevent a coverup, leaking that there’s already enough evidence against Hunter to support the tax and gun charges.

That’s not even including the brazen effort by the FBI and Big Tech to suppress and dismiss the entire laptop story altogether. We all remember Biden insisting the laptop stories were “Russian disinformation” and being unable to share the stories on Twitter.

That was all a concerted effort to influence the 2020 election. Just another troubling aspect of the whole Joe and Hunter Biden criminal enterprise.

Of course, we don’t expect Jill Biden to go on national television and state Hunter Biden is guilty but her insistence that he’s innocent feels an awful lot like political propaganda at its finest.

As Michael Goodwin notes, this follows Joe Biden’s similar “Hunter’s innocent” assertion; the combo “smells like a double-barreled message to [AG Merrick] Garland to complete the case by the end of the year while allowing them to say they never discussed it with him.”

With the midterm elections just a couple weeks away the pressure is on the Bidens. Ideally, Hunter would get a quick plea deal and the entire thing would go away before Republicans take control of Congress next year and start investigations into the Biden crime family.

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  1. Whether Democrats maintain control of the House and or the Senate or not all Conservatives will need to recalibrate and permanently ramp up to stop the opposition and then work to protect America from destruction from within. We need our borders secured, our law enforcement funded, laws equally enforced and our children learning what is needed to be moral and competitive.

  2. Sure Hunter Biden is innocent like I was born into royalty. Jill Biden should shut her mouth about what she “thinks” about her stepson Hunter. We all don’t care what you think Jill because you lie just like your ridiculous jackass husband. B I D E N = Biggest idiot democrats ever nominated.


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