BREAKING: Joe Biden Regime To Divert $860 Million in Covid Relief Funds to House Illegal Alien Children

(Patriot Insider) – Democrats have acted like COVID-19 has been the deadliest, most dangerous thing to hit humanity since the Black Plague. So it’s really quite a mystery as to why they have supported Joe Biden’s open border policies.

If COVID-19 is such a deadly pandemic and the American people have had to live under tyrannical rule in the name of the virus for over a year, why on earth are we allowing illegal migrants to flood our southern border bringing COVID along with them?

The open borders crisis has, apparently, resulted in a massive bill for taxpayers in regards to COVID “mitigation” efforts.

The US Department of Health and Human Services is now planning to reallocate $860 million in funds that had been appropriated to the National Institutes of Health to cover the increase in pandemic-related costs associated with unaccompanied children at the border.

Maybe the best solution just might have been to keep our border closed and secure like President Trump had been doing. Perhaps then we wouldn’t be spending nearly $1 billion in taxpayer money to cover unnecessary expenses related to individuals who shouldn’t even be in the US to begin with.

Health Secretary Xavier Becerra notified Congress on Tuesday that the Department would be moving the funds to cover increased costs as a result of “ensuring the safety of children arriving at the Southwest border, as well as staff attending to them at shelters,” according to a letter seen by Bloomberg News.

Bloomberg reports that a Biden regime official has said that the need for pandemic-related precautions along the border, such as testing and quarantining, has added a minimum of $1.7 billion in costs.

As if Americans need to be going into even more debt.

Becerra claimed in a letter to House and Senate appropriations leaders that the pandemic has increased the program’s operating costs since children are being quarantined and proper social-distancing measures are being observed at emergency intake shelters.

Of course, we’ve all seen the pictures of what’s really going on down along the southern border and it certainly doesn’t appear that any COVID mitigation efforts are in place or being observed.

Since Biden has allowed hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied minors to flood across our border, Becerra said in the letter, the pandemic has substantially reduced the number of state-licensed shelter beds that are available and that the US must deploy emergency intake shelters immediately.

Has it ever occurred to these people to close down the border? Of course not. That would be too “inhumane.”

Americans are being forced to fund the illegal entry of unaccompanied children migrants into the US and on top of that the supposed COVID mitigation efforts to stop the spread of the virus which could threaten to shut down the US yet again.

It’s truly absurd to think that all the Biden regime has to do is shut down the border and put a stop to the massive influx of illegal migrants. Instead, hard-working American taxpayers are on the hook.

America is on the road to self-destruction at the hands of Joe Biden.

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  1. We have once working Americans losing their homes, their vehicles, and their good credit because a pandemic is sweeping this country like a plague and it is not Covid! I speak of the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens taking jobs for less pay and keeping Americans from recovering jobs they once held. This is the Democrat’s way of running this country, and it stinks of stupidity!

    Democrats follow the Communist Manifesto to the letter, relative to making the citizens dependent on government funds, with their “Stimulus Checks, their Welfare benefits, and now they want to spend Billions to house, clothe, feed, and supply medical services to children coming here with out parents. This is ludicrous! Where are the parents of these (supposedly) abandoned children? How did young people who speak no English manage to get into the United Sates, undetected? When did it become the responsibility of the citizens of the United States to feed anyone who comes here illegally? Those who follow immigration laws, come here, apply for entry, and get jobs and study to become citizens, receive no such considerations! Why do Democrats welcome anyone to come here and not follow established immigration rules? That answer is simple: Democrats want power and the only way Democrats can garner the power they seek is election into some government position. Illegal aliens help Democrats achieve their goals by voting, illegally, for Democratic candidates. Democrats support “Open Borders” , convicted felons regaining voting rights, anti-gun laws, denounce the Second Amendment, and paying people to stay at home and not work. How can this be good for our nation, our citizens, our Constitutional Form of Government, and our economy?

    Democrats constantly attack the Second Amendment, censor disagreeing views on liberal web sites, support the LGBTQ community, steal funds from Social Security to give to freeloaders, miscreants, and ne‘er-do-wells who have never worked or paid taxes, and steal Medicare proceeds to fund Obamacare. Now Biden seeks to steal more money from working citizens to support those who enter this country illegally. Why would any working person, with an ounce of sense, vote for any Democrat, much less Biden?

  2. Xidung and his fellow Commies in the Deep State have already destroyed the Economy and the Country. Instead of sending them back to where they came from, They want to house them until they can sell them into Sex slavery.


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