Joe Rogan: The Thing Trump Kept Saying About The ‘Deep State’ Is Real [VIDEO]

(Patriot Insider) – Joe Rogan is one of the most reasonable podcast hosts out there and that’s why he’s insanely popular with all demographics.

He doesn’t shy away from the truth and because he’s never been a big fan of President Trump, people trust what he has to say about the current events plaguing America.

Don’t get us wrong, we love President Trump but sometimes people who don’t love President Trump need to hear the hard truths from someone else who isn’t a fan of his either.

For that, we have Joe Rogan.

The UFC commentator has become the enemy of the radical left after he chronicled his experience with COVID-19 during which he used Ivermectin along with an infusion of monoclonal antibodies and an array of vitamins to fight off the virus.

Rogan was successful and proved to the world that the recommendations from thousands of doctors around the world that our own government has been trying to suppress and silence, are legitimate and honest.

He’s also used his podcast, the “Joe Rogan Experience” to call out the lunacy of the entire COVID-19 pandemic and the dangers of the experimental COVID shots, much to the disdain of leftists.

Naturally, the left has tried desperately to cancel Rogan but he’s not going anywhere.

Instead of backing down from his fight for the truth surrounding COVID, he’s welcomed onto his show some of the most fearless warriors for truth in the COVID era including former liberals and moderates who have come to embrace conservative views.

Rogan has been giving air-time to those willing to blow the whistle on blatant lies being told by our own government, world organizations and frauds like Dr. Fauci.

Joe Rogan and guest Tim Pool laid into Fauci recently over his obvious lies and attempts to change the definition of “gain-of-function” research in order to shut down a line of questioning by Rand Paul.

As previously mentioned, Rogan hasn’t been a fan of President Trump but he is a fan of the truth. On Tuesday, he acknowledged that despite the fact that Trump hasn’t been a “perfect guy,” everything Trump has said about the Deep State has been true.

“Look, Trump is not a perfect guy,” Rogan said to his producer, who agreed with him. “But this f**king thing that he kept saying about the Deep State is real. It’s 100% real. The Swamp is real. They’re f**king real monsters!” he said, adding, “They were not trying to spend their time trying to make the country run more efficiently or trying to prop up the middle-class! No—they were trying to regain power—and they got it—with a dead man! (Joe Biden).”

Rogan’s right. The Deep State, aka the radical left, regained power and they did it so obviously and shamelessly with Joe Biden who could not have possibly won any election legitimately on his own.

Maybe Rogan will be the force needed to wake up some of the masses who honestly believe Biden is the legitimate president.

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