Journalists Hook RV Up To $93K Electric Truck, Guess What Happens Next…

(Patriot Insider) – There have been a lot of things said by Democrats ever since gas prices started soaring into the stratosphere that have angered American citizens, but one of the boldest and definitely a good candidate for the dumbest is when this administration said that all we need to do to get around this crisis at the pumps is to buy electric cars.

Because everyone just has thousands upon thousands of dollars of disposable income they can blow on a new car, right? It’s not like inflation is skyrocketing and the economy is swirling around the bottom of the toilet bowl or anything like that.

However, it’s not only the cost of electric cars that is a hindrance to the notion of switching over to these kinds of vehicles.

According to The Western Journal, there’s also problems with the technology itself that is seemingly being ignored by the radical left, a fact made clear by a recent experiment.

“Journalists from MotorTrend set out to test the towing capacity of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck, and their findings were less than inspiring. From the start, journalist Eric Tingwall was less than confident in the truck’s towing abilities,” the report said.

“With the largest available battery pack, a fully charged 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck has less energy onboard than a regular F-150 with four gallons of gas in its tank,” Tingwall went on to write in his piece.

Even with this information, he still wanted to test the electric truck out for himself. He then proceeded to hitch the truck to a 2022 Grand Design Imagine 2910BH camper, which, according to the report, sleeps eight and has a weight of around 7,200 pounds.

“He used the Platinum model of the Ford F-150 Lightning for the test, which costs $92,669. Tingwall used MotorTrend’s usual methodology to determine the truck’s range, which consisted of setting the vehicle’s internal temperature to 72 degrees and turning the headlights and radio on,” the Western Journal reported.

According to Tingwall’s piece, this method simulates the way a regular driver would use the vehicle instead of “reaching for the maximum possible range.”

“Tingwall traveled an established 80-mile route, then extrapolated the energy consumption data to determine the truck’s range on a full charge. With the 7.2000-pound trailer, Tingwall found the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning could make it just 90 miles,” the report continued.

“He also repeated the test on the same route with two lighter trailers, and the results were not much better. The truck had a range of just 100 miles when towing a 5,260-pound trailer and 115 miles when towing a 3,140-pound trailer,” the report added.

All of the ranges tested were far shorter than the ones recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency’s estimated range of 300 miles for the Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum.

Tingwall readily acknowledged that the estimate put out by the EPA was ultimately for a mixture of highway driving and city driving, the vehicle with only the driver on board and hauling no load, he discovered that the Platinum really only had a highway range of 255 miles.

“This means that when towing even the smallest camper tested, the truck’s range was less than half of that when carrying only a driver. Since many motorists purchase trucks for the express purpose of towing things, this is a major setback,” the Western Journal noted.

While the range estimated by the EPA sounds awesome, it’s actually a bit misleading. And, if American drivers want to actually use the vehicle to do the jobs an actual truck does, well the range is cut dramatically.

“These findings were similar to those of a couple who used a Rivian R1T electric truck to tow a Ford Mustang Shelby GT on a flat-deck trailer in November 2021. That towing load totaled a bit over 6,000 pounds, which was slightly less than the largest camper MotorTrend tested for the Ford F-150 Lightning,” the report added.

The couple discovered the Rivian R1T could only travel 100 miles before it needed to be charged up. On a 2,000 mile trip from the city of Los Angeles to Sikeston, Missouri, they needed to stop 20 times in order to recharge the vehicle.

Now, this doesn’t mean that electric trucks are useless, it does prove that they are not as effective as gas-powered trucks, which shoots a hole straight through the narrative pushed by climate activists who are desperately trying to push forward the Green New Deal and other environmental initiatives, that these vehicles can easily solve the gas price situation.

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  1. Everyone in the real world should already know that. In addition, one might recall their High School physics and conclude the more something weighs, the more energy it takes to move it. Twice the weight, half the range. Another common thing one might hear is, “You can’t get something for nothing.” It takes just as much energy to move 7000 pounds down the road with fossil fuels burned in an engine or burned at a power plant, with the one caveat, that some electric motors are more efficient than gasoline engines and so might use slightly less energy total. But the pollution from making electricity is just moved to the power plant instead of the vehicle and gasoline engines are pretty efficient in making power. We have after all been perfecting them for well over a hundred years. Electric vehicles have been around since the invention of electric motors, but only recently have they been introduced in any great numbers and mostly by Tesla in this country who was snubbed by our moron in chief when he applauded other car makers for their efforts. Why the democrats think we can transition from fossil fuels to renewable electricity as easily as they transition our youth to another sex, I have no idea. It is insane, same as trans athletes competing in women’s sports. It is political hokum and Marxist gobbledygook. No one should listen to them.


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