Judge Calls It Quits On 2020 Presidential Recount Battle

(Patriot Insider) – The Democrats have been attempting to throw anything and everything they can at the Arizona State Senate over the ballot recount and forensic audit, hoping they can stop the whole thing before their illegal tactics are revealed to the rest of the world.

Unfortunately for them, their side of the fight hit some rough patches over the weekend. According to WND, the judge who was hearing the case decided to drop out of it. Guess how unhappy that made all those scheming Democrats who worked tirelessly to somehow pull off the greatest voter fraud effort in history?

A whole lot.

A local media outlet, KTAR, recently reported that Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Christopher Coury recused himself of the case on Sunday, and a hearing that was supposed to be happening on Monday is being rescheduled.

The Senate sanctioned audit is going on right now, with the court battle raging on, an effort that was put into motion by the Democrats who, for some strange reason, do not want the official results that favored their own guy to be released to the public.

Nothing shady about that, right?

“The Gateway Pundit reported that the judge’s order, issued late Sunday, explained a lawyer, Chris Viskovic, who appeared in the case for the first time on Sunday, previously ‘worked … as an extern’ in the judge’s own office,” WND reported.

“In accordance with Rule 2.11, Arizona Code of Judicial Conduct, Rule 81, Rules of the Arizona Supreme Court, and good cause appearing, it is ordered recusing this judicial officer from any further involvement in this matter,” the judge said in a written piece.

The judge went on to say the case would now be referred to “a new judicial officer for all further proceedings.”

“The audit actually got under way on Friday at Veterans Memorial Coliseum, where Senate Republicans assigned an outside firm they hired, Cyber Ninjas, to manually recount some 2.1 million ballots from the 2020 election day,” the report continued.

Democrats had filed a lawsuit in an attempt to stop the verification process, but it was allowed to move forward anyway when they refused to post a $1 million for additional costs of their delay.

The Arizona Senate used the subpoena power it has to take possession of the ballots, along with the machines that counted the ballots.

The work that is currently being done on the audit is scheduled to take weeks to complete.

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