JUST IN: Biden Admin Hires Impeachment Attorneys

(Patriot Insider) – It seems as if the Biden administration might actually, deep down inside, know that they have absolutely blown it by allowing the border crisis to continue unabated for the last two years, as the Department of Homeland Security has now hired attorneys from a firm that formerly represented House Democrats in the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump in order to protect the agency’s secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, Politico revealed last Friday.

Jennie Taer’s report for the Daily Caller stated, “DHS signed a contract with Debevoise & Plimpton, a firm whose lawyers helped House Democrats in 2020 with their case for impeaching Trump, to help Mayorkas as House Republicans move to impeach the secretary, according to Politico. For months, House Republicans have indicated they will move towards impeaching Mayorkas for his handling of the crisis at the southern border.”

“Several House Republicans, including Reps. Pat Fallon of Texas and Andy Biggs of Arizona, have filed articles of impeachment as the new majority took control of the House. Then-House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy also threatened Mayorkas in November with impeachment if he didn’t resign,” Taer noted.

“The Department of Homeland Security has retained outside counsel to help ensure the Department’s vital mission is not interrupted by the unprecedented, unjustified, and partisan impeachment efforts by some Members of Congress, who have already taken steps to initiate proceedings. DHS will continue prioritizing its work to protect our country from terrorism, respond to natural disasters, and secure our borders while responding appropriately to the over 70 Congressional committees and subcommittees that have oversight of DHS,” a DHS spokesperson went on to say in a statement delivered to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“We do not want this to distract the secretary or the department from the important homeland security, national security work that we do day to day,” a DHS official said in a comment to Politico. “We are protecting the country from terrorist attacks by air, by sea. We are protecting the country from cybersecurity attacks. We are securing the borders.”

During the time that Mayorkas has served as the secretary of the DHS, America has seen an astoundingly high number of illegal aliens crossing over the southern border we share with Mexico. The agency has recorded a total of more than 2.3 million encounters with illegals in the fiscal year of 2022.

“Everyone agrees that the immigration system has been terribly broken and outdated for decades. It is my hope that Congress takes that problem and fixes it once and for all,” Mayorkas then remarked in a statement to Politico.

“In the meantime, within a broken system, we are doing everything that we can to increase its efficiency, to provide humanitarian relief when the law permits, and to also deliver an enforcement consequence when the law dictates,” he commented. “That is exactly what we are doing, and I will continue to do that with tremendous pride alongside the incredible workforce at DHS.”

One theory for why the Biden administration has not taken any real action to shut down this crisis is because they are doing an experiment with the demographics of the United States, hoping that they can shift things so that the vast majority of the population are minorities, particularly illegals, that they allowed to come in and dope up with free stuff. This creates dependency, which they can then use to spread fear and convince these individuals to cast votes for leftists during elections.

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  1. What homeland security? Have you seen any real Secuity at the border? For every 1 they catch 12 get in. So how is this helping? Besides a illegal couple was asked why they came. The Answer: BIDEN TOLD US TO COME How was harris’s don’t come affect them? Translated to their language. PLEASE have all your friends and family come with you. More gangs the better..

  2. The problem is, every problem that “we” have concerning the government, is just talked about nothing ever changes except the problems! One week its this and the next week its that, nothing ever gets done about it. All we do is complain about it, then they say something that makes us think its going to change, but it never does, and never will! Thats the way our lives are, and it just keeps getting worse, especially with the guy we now have running the country, and he’s not done!

  3. Disgraceful at least!!!! Everyone sees whats going on and why. Tide started to turn 2 years ago
    and it’s just heartbreacking……..were lost in the two thousand twenties tonight………..

  4. Impeachment sounds great! That seems to be a word that will never actually happen, not one of them will ever be impeached, just won’t happen, its fun to say though!


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