JUST IN: Car Dealers Reveal An Alarming Problem With Your Electric Vehicle

(Patriot Insider) – Electric cars are far from the great solution to all of our problems that Democrats tout them to be. If the pressure of record high gas prices is getting to you and you think buying an electric car will alleviate it, you’d better think twice.

Electric vehicles are being sold as the ultimate solution to gas prices. If only Americans would just step up and dole out the $60,000 needed to buy one, we could all just fly right on past gas stations without a care in the world.

What Democrats aren’t telling you, however, is the truth about EVs. No surprise there.

What happens when an EV breaks down and is in need of service? Apparently, the industry is warning consumers who buy EVs that they could have a difficult time finding qualified service technicians to repair or service them, Fox News Business Network reports.

Even dealerships are warning that they’re having trouble finding enough qualified techs to service the cars.

“The government’s wanting to make this transition and shift to EVs, and there are several concerns around that in the automotive vertical and specifically the dealership world,” Sean Kelley, founder of CarMotivators, told FNBN.

Kelly also added that service shops are facing a serious shortage of mechanics who have been trained to work on them but that isn’t the only problem shops are having. The sets of specialized tools required to work on EVs are extremely expensive and not in great supply.

On top of that, shops need to have charging stations to be able to charge the EVs they’re servicing. Installing them often means “tearing apart your whole shop” to rearrange the floor plan to accommodate them, Kelly said.

Small, independent dealerships have it much worse because of the fact that they don’t have a cost-effective pipeline to the original equipment manufacturer tools and information, Kelly pointed out.

The costs associated with getting a shop equipped to work on EVs are extremely high and even big dealerships are struggling with it.

You can only imagine how costly those repairs are going to be for consumers.

All that being said, EVs do require less maintenance so there might not be as many reasons for EV owners to take their vehicles to the shop.

One Tesla owner told FNBN that they don’t have problems getting technicians sent out when they are needed.

General Motors, Ford, and Hyundai all claim that they are graduating more new techs every year and sending them out to serve their customers.

One thing that EV owners may not be able to avoid is replacing the battery pack in their car. This is a topic many manufacturers and dealers prefer to avoid. The cost of the battery packs is absurdly high.

As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most expensive parts of an EV. The Western Journal reports, “Anyone buying a used EV might expect to have to sink around $13,000, more into their purchase when their used battery pack expires — and that would be a back door cost on top of the purchase price of the used car that might make procuring a used EV cost-prohibitive.”

While you might save money not buying gas, all those savings and more could be required should you need to have that expensive EV serviced.

They’re really not all they’re cracked up to be. Think twice before bowing to the pressure from the left to ditch your gas-powered car for an EV.

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  1. The conniving Demmunists who are PUSHING EVs don’t care about ANY of this! Transitioning to “clean energy” is NOT their true agenda with this EV crap, for which there is NO service/repair or even CHARGER infrastructure to support it, and even if there WAS, many power plants are unable to keep up with demand NOW. What do you think will happen when thousands of high-voltage-pulling car chargers are added to the mix?

    In addition to destroying the oil and coal industries–a “wet dream of the conniving Demmunists for YEARS–they are looking for a back-door way to CONTROL the ability of Americans to move freely about and travel in their OWN country. Biden has said he wants a “kill switch” installed in electric vehicles, so that, for example, if you post something on social media the Demmunists don’t like, they can render your car inoperable. What they are doing is creating a less obvious way of getting to what the NAZIS did when you had to have approved “papers” to travel in Nazi-controlled territories.

    There is most certainly a HIDDEN AGENDA in the Demmunists’ love for replacing gas-powered vehicles with electric cars, and it is NOT “saving the planet from climate change!”

  2. Those tens of millions of windmills, solar panels and electric batteries for cars and trucks aren’t exactly biodegradable. So, we will have the most prominent energy graveyard with toxic pollutants that will be 100 times larger than any nuclear waste storage. And yet, the Left is worried about plastic straws!
    I’m all for mining for America’s bountiful natural resources of copper, lead, magnesium and precious metals. But ironically, it’s the greens that want to shut down mines, which is like saying you want food, but you oppose farming. Talk about cognitive dissonance.
    Then, the land space is needed for the windmills and solar panels. Bloomberg reports that getting to zero carbon by 2050 would require a land area equal to five South Dakotas “to develop enough clean power to run all the electric vehicles, factories, and more.”
    In other words, the liberals are calling for a full-scale industrialization of America’s wilderness and landscape. According to Foreign Policy analysis moving to a carbon free energy future requires:
    34 million tons of copper, 40 million tons of lead, 50 million tons of zinc, 162 million tons of aluminum, and 4.8 billion tons of iron!

  3. Also sitting in line for 3 hours waiting at a charging station is loads of fun also NOT! God put oil in the ground for a reason!!! For a resource for us to USE!!!


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