JUST IN: Joe Biden Has Been Accused Of Plagiarism… Again

(Patriot Insider) – I think it’s safe, by now, to come out and say that President Joe Biden is one of the most corrupt “good ole boys” in the realm of American politics and is not at all the good person the mainstream media and his White House handlers work around the clock to try and paint him out to be. Some might say it’s because of dementia and old age that he’s become this sort of cranky old white guy, but that’s not it. He’s always been this way. He’s fundamentally rotten to the core. End of story.

Now, this is all aside from the fact that Biden is also inept and has no idea what in the world he’s doing. Again, he never has. Not as president, not when he served as vice president, and not during his time as a United States Senator.

A great example of all the above comes to us courtesy of The Heritage Foundation Vice President Roger Severino, who recently published a thread on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, proving that not only is Biden a greedy leech who abused his power as vice president in an influence peddling scheme with his son involving foreign nationals, but he’s also a plagiarist. Surprise, surprise.

“Severino, who received his Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School, took to X and revealed that he had an opportunity to review some of then-Sen. Joe Biden’s work while he was a junior editor for the Harvard Journal,” Bryan Chai of The Western Journal reported. “His findings were less than impressive — but hardly surprising if you’ve been keeping up with the incumbent president at all.”

Mark Hemingway also got on X where he slammed President Biden for a number of things, but specifically mentioned that he has “been busted for plagiarism repeatedly.” That comment seemed to ring a bell for Severino who then quoted the post from Hemingway so that he could provide his own story concerning the plagiarism committed by Joe Biden.

The piece in question is available to read online if you are so inclined to do so. You can find it here.

“My first assignment as a junior editor at the Harvard Journal on Legislation (1999-2000) was to cite check an article submitted by one Sen. Joseph R. Biden. I was shocked by the plagiarism I discovered,” Severino said in a post on X. In posts following this one, Severino provided other examples of Biden’s plagiarism.

“Cite checking involves formatting case citations under highly prescribed rules and searching Westlaw to make sure the cases haven’t been overruled or superseded. Because I was interested in the article’s topic (civil rights) I read a bunch of the cited cases all the way through,” Severino kicked things off.

“That’s when I noticed that a certain turn of phrase in an opinion sounded oddly familiar even though it was my time reading it. So I turned back to Biden’s article, and there it was. He had lifted language straight out of a SCOTUS opinion, changed a couple words, and called them his own. There were no quote marks and no footnote or anything else attributing the court as the source,” Severino further recounted.

Chai hit the nail on the head when he compared the president’s understanding of plagiarism to be equivalent to that of a grade school student who lazily neglected to do his term paper and suddenly remembered it was due the following day, thus copy and pasting away.

“I then read the piece through again and multiple other phrases sounded familiar. Turns out they too were plagiarized from opinions. I believe this merited rejecting the article outright for plagiarism so I emailed the lead editor and presented the indisputable proof. Instead of thanking me for protecting the integrity of the Journal, they covered for Biden,” Severino added.

“They ‘fixed’ the plagiarism by adding proper attributions and acted like the whole incident never happened. But this was no innocent mistake, where Biden ‘forgot’ a quote mark or two which would be bad enough,” he continued.

Severino then gave a description of what he called “mosaic plagiarism” which is taking a few words from a passage, flipping them around, and attempting to say they are original. So why is all of this so terrible? Severino provides an explanation for that as well.

“Worse still, Biden was *already* known to have plagiarized before this article crossed my desk yet was brazen enough to try it again,” Severino remarked.

Chai then went on to state in his report that if all of these allegations just popped out of nowhere, then maybe, just maybe you could afford Biden the benefit of the doubt, as surely there isn’t an actual person out there who completely lacks a basic moral compass the way Biden seems to, right? Hate to say it, but yes, there really is someone out there like that, and it is indeed Joe Biden.

“The very thing that sparked this wild revelation about the utter dishonor this president exhibits was a Washington Post ‘analysis’ by their paper’s ‘fact checker,’ in which the outlet basically admits that Biden’s a pathological liar,” Chai stated. “‘Biden loves to retell certain stories. Some aren’t credible’ is the title of that astoundingly soft Washington Post article.”

There are a million-and-one reasons Joe Biden should not be reelected to the office of president in 2024. The problem, of course, is that the left will stoop to any low they can in order to ensure the worst possible outcome becomes a reality. Let’s hope voters have caught on to the junk being pushed by the radicals in the Democratic Party and are willing to fight back hard at the ballot box.

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  1. This is pathetic to have a person who is in our White House, who supposedly is our president and he blatantly lies every time he speaks. I didn’t vote for Biden, would never vote for Biden and for the people who didn’t vote for him we are stuck with this liar until we can get rid of him. Time is going by but not fast enough, can’t wait for 2024 election.

  2. The liberal democrats go completely berserk when President Trump would say one thing out of context but Blabbing Biden can be a plagiarist and this is perfectly fine. There is definitely something wrong with this picture. Biden has been a selfish, arrogant, narcissistic, destructive person who doesn’t care about anything with this country or anyone else ( except for his family) he wants money and power to make himself feel important. We have to put up with this nonsense regardless, we have no choice. Hoping for a better outcome for the 2024 election. How can a person be so hateful to others and be the president of this beautiful country.


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