JUST IN: Republican Eyeing WH In 2024 Commits Political Suicide Live On Fox News

(Patriot Insider) – Democrats aren’t the only ones who are completely out of touch with Americans. RINOs like Rep. Liz Cheney (WY) and Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL) have been making a name for themselves as traitors to the GOP but they are far from the only ones.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson proved on Sunday that he, too, is a RINO.

During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Hutchinson said that Trump is “morally responsible” for the Jan. 6 Capitol incident when asked about the sham hearing that took place last week by the House Select Committee to Investigate the Jan. 6 “Attack.”

Hutchinson, who has said he is considering a run for the presidency in 2024, called the panel hand-picked by Nancy Pelosi “not the most bipartisan effort” and said Americans “want to hold the people who are responsible for the Jan. 6 attack accountable.”

In reality, Americans are tired of hearing about Jan. 6 and most of us just want to move on.

“Now, the whole premise of the hearing is that President Trump is criminally responsible, and that’s the case that they’re trying to make,” Hutchinson said. “As Bill Barr has said, I think that is a heavy lift. I don’t see the factual basis for that.”

Well he was off to a good start but we should have been skeptical the moment he cited Bill Barr. Of course, Hutchinson went on to say that Trump may not be criminally responsible but he’s not blameless.

“You can make the case, and I would agree, that he is politically and morally responsible, but much of what has happened. But in terms of criminal liability, I think the committee has a long way to go before they could establish that,” he said.

Given that Trump is wildly popular among Republicans, and Americans in general, it wasn’t too surprising that his comments resulted in some heavy backlash.

Hutchinson certainly didn’t do his presidency aspirations any favors by throwing Trump under the bus like that.

Hutchinson went on to make things worse for himself, saying that the future is what matters and that the future needs to move away from Trump.

“I think the key thing politically is that the American public does not want us to focus on the past. It’s an important review, but I think the Democrats make a mistake if they simply want to relitigate what they did in the impeachment,” he said.

Hutchinson then asserted that the future of the Republican Party, as well as the country, should be different from its past.

“Well, I hope that the future of the Republican Party is different than former President Trump’s leadership. I hope we move in a different direction. I believe that what happened on Jan. 6 is a lot at his feet. It was wrong for our country and for him to continue to push that theory I agree is the wrong direction for the Republican Party,” he said.

“I think there’s many Republicans that are looking for an off-ramp, new opportunities to find leadership in the future,” he said.

Trump “got off track in Jan. 6 and that was a costly error for our democracy,” Hutchinson said. The “costly error for our democracy” was the stolen 2020 election and any Republican who denies this has absolutely no chance in hell at becoming the next president.

“And I agree with a lot of the comments. He is — he has a responsibility there. We need to make sure that’s clear,” he said.

Hutchinson said Republicans “need to do a lot of soul-searching as to what is the right thing here, what is the right thing to say for our party and our democracy and our future, and not simply appeal to the basest instincts of some of our base.”

The “basest instincts of some of our base?” Does he mean like the people who aren’t burying our heads in the sand and can see how corrupt and rigged the 2020 presidential election truly was?

Apparently believing that stolen elections are wrong is one of the GOP bases’ “basest instincts” and we need to move away from that.

Hutchinson is a RINO and no friend of the MAGA movement. America and the world were in great shape under President Trump and anyone who thinks we need to move in a different direction is just as bad as the radical leftists who openly want to destroy this country.

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  1. Rep. Hatchinson may have Committed Political Suicide for himself but the DemoRats of the Deranged and Deplorable Democratic Socialist/Communist Party has Committed Political Suicide with the J6 Shame INSURRECTION. The BIG REDWIN WAVE is coming.

    • Time to send the corrupt left packing. There is no room for the left communist rat bastards in America. Do the Democrats think they actually have a farts chance in a wind tunnel to even survive the next elections? Can’t wait to see the carnage.

  2. Gov. Hatchinson (R-Ark) may have Committed Political Suicide for himself but the DemoRats of the Deranged and Deplorable Democratic Socialist/Communist Party has Committed Political Suicide with the J6 Shame INSURRECTION. The BIG REDWIN WAVE is coming.


    • If Trump isn’t on the ballot, WRITE HIS NAME IN! We need Trump back in the White House to try and straighten out the mess that Biden/Obama and his socialist/communist administration have done to this country.

  3. I don’t think much of Hutchinson . . . and neither do the rest of the GOP, except RINOs, whose days are NUMBERED. One Enlightened Patriot.

  4. If I were to take a guess at who ws responsible for the January 6 incident… I would say Hillary Clinton and close lap dogs of hers.


  6. I imagine Hutchinson actually believes he could win because his Democrat Allies will cheat for him, just like they do for their side. It’s a rigged game and he wants to play.

  7. Yes, I WILL BE VOTING FOR TRUMP! I haven’t seen anyone that would run against Trump who would even come near winning the Presidency! We need Trump more than ever! Joe Biden has tried to break our country and still doing everything he can to turn into a Socialist country. He has done so much damage to this country, Trump is the only one who can lift us up out of the trash heap Biden has made. Remember, he is a businessman, he knows what has to be done. He was a great President before and he will be even greater come 2024! He loves this country and Americans. Can’t wait!

  8. As a republican and at age almost 80, I have seen many losers, rinos, turncoats lie cheat and steal a few votes for the party and convince the un wary that they are the better choice, only to drop out of site when the election day comes around, never to be seen again on a ballot but a little richer. the party has to stay together. The party has to have a consistant agenda and a party has to pray and help each other. If they don’t they don’t get elected. THEY MUST BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES, THE AGENDA BUILT ON NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE AND THE NEEDS OF THE nATION, BUT THE u.s. COMES FIRST. hUTCH HAS DONE THE OPPOSITE ALREADY AND ISN’T EVEN ON THE POSSIBLE BALLOT. NOONE IS ON THE BALLOT, yet. I believe the top repub will get about 80% of the repub vote. The other 20% will not vote or have been sucked in by the BS from the socialists and the media and the dem votes that couldn’t swing the other way but wanted to. I think also that the dem conservatives will vote repub to maintain the Constitutional Republic and because they are Christian and will not vote in the ugliness the dems and socialist have caused, the people that have died from the dems pandemic and the destruction from terrorists from refugees and south of the border soros’ caravans., Chinese students and workers, contaminated foods with poisons, metal and glass in foods and bacteria.with help from gov’t employees from cdc and fda and the admin of dems.and foreign suppliers and corruption.

  9. Like I’ve said in the past and will continue to say Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to our country. He has shown everyone just how corrupt our government is. The fbi corrupt, cia corrupt, nia corrupt, irs corrupt, every department is corrupt. Russia Russia Russia investigation corrupt, gerneral Flynn investigation corrupt, hunters laptop corrupt, Hillary’s computer and phones corrupt I can go on and on. Our government needs to be gutted of everyone. All these people and departments fear Donald Trump, if we win the house and senate in November and Trump runs and wins the White House he’s going after all of them with a vengeance and they know it.

  10. U R also Committing Political Suicide by voting Trump back in to the White House. Trump did do some Wrong things while he was in Charge. And I would hate to see U and I and the rest of the Country suffer from it. The Only person Qualified to Even help us to get from under the Thumb of this Dictator Pretending President Joe China O’Brien is Ron DeSantis. The DemoRats Only have Camel lips knee Pads Harris and she is Bad and would be Worse than Joe China is. She would have every damn person of Color in her Thumb of Power.

  11. “… Trump not blameless …”. I blame Trump for a very good and solid economy, an actual border under construction, garnering of respect in the international forum, winding down rationally of interminable wars, reining in of China’s incursions into our economy and society, a sense of purpose based in our founding and successful principles, and establishing a respect for our country as an outstanding example of human endeavor. These are items the Demorats have failed dismally on, on all counts. So yes, I blame Trump … for all of the good things he has done in the short time he was president.

  12. I wouldn’t vote for that old goat Hatchinson he looks as crooked as Biden!!! President Trump is the only man who can fix our Country——-So, I hope everyone who isn’t a Socialist/Communist votes for Mr. Trump so we can get our lives back to normal, and stop all this nutty Left Democrat B.S.!!!!

  13. Instead of blaming Trump for January 6th they should investigate Nancy Pelosi if anything…. She’s the one who failed to secure the Capitol building and ignored chief Sund’s concern over security. The security guards waving people into the building probably under Pelosi’s orders should be questioned as well. We need to FOIA the hell out of all the security footage.

  14. Hutchinson who is a complete Ass got it wrong.
    Even with all the killing of key witnesses who would contradict and make invalid the democrats accusations, the truth will come out. For the Left it’s just not the right time. In fact it is a very bad time with mid term elections looming round the corner.
    Like the Russia collusion it will be exposed for the sham it is at the right time: after the election
    Democrats are very good at evil schemes.

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