JUST IN: Trump Names Names On Potential Running Mates For 2024

(Patriot Insider) – While President Donald Trump has not made any kind of formal announcement concerning whether or not he will be running for president again in 2024, though he’s dropped a ton of hints that seem to suggest he’s going to do just that, he’s promised his supporters they’ll be happy with his decision.

With those clues floating around out there, many have wondered who his running mate might be if he should choose to run?

According to a report in Just the News, Trump himself stated recently that he believes Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would make an excellent choice as his potential running mate.

But according to WND, it most likely would not be his former vice president, Mike Pence.

“I think Ron [DeSantis] would be good. I think Mike [Pence] has been very hurt by what took place with respect to January 6. I think he’s been mortally wounded, frankly,” Trump went on to say.

Trump’s comments were made during the first night of his “History” Tour with former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.

“The ‘Limited Engagement National Tour’ has been touted as a way for Trump to discuss the history of his administration in a series of live conversations, Just the News reported,” WND said.

“But Trump noted there were a number of other strong candidates, including South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott. And he noted there were women who were qualified as well,” the report continued.

“The report noted in Florida, DeSantis’ job approval is at 56%, and the governor previously has dismissed speculation about his role on a GOP ticket. Just last month he filed to seek reelection in Florida,” WND reported.

One of the reasons Trump likely wouldn’t be choosing Pence again likely has something to do with the fact that he led the Senate to certify the 2020 presidential race results from the Electoral College without any sort of challenge or protest, despite their being evidence of potential voter fraud.

“But what is known is that Mark Zuckerberg of Meta handed out $420 million to local activists mostly with instructions to recruit voters from Democrat areas, both legacy and online media suppressed accurate – and negative – reporting about the Biden family affairs just before the election, and various state officials, without permission, changed state laws regarding the ballots for the election,” WND stated in its report.

Several independent studies have revealed that either the money that came from Zuckerberg or the suppression of reports concerning Biden might have impacted the results enough to potentially cost Trump his second term in office.

“Pence was lobbied to reject the Electoral College votes from several states until various investigations could have been completed. Had those rejections been enough to deprive Biden of the required 270 votes, the election would have been thrown into the House of Representatives, which at that time was GOP majority,” WND’s report said.

There were some conflicting opinions concerning whether or not Vice President Mike Pence actually had the ability to do that, with the pro-Biden folks declaring that the Senate was “forced” to accept the election results. The other side of the issue, however, cited statements made from our country’s Founding Fathers, charging that an unconstitutionally appointed elector should not be considered an elector at all.

The Hill went on to report that President Trump stated that he “was disappointed in one thing, but it was a big thing,” in reference to Pence.

“Mike should have sent those crooked votes back to the legislatures and you would have had a different result in the election, in my opinion,” he remarked.

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