Keith Olbermann Goes Full Fascist, Says Fox News Must Be Shut Down

(Patriot Insider) – Totally unhinged former MSNBC and ESPN anchor Keith Olbermann is calling for Fox News to be shut down and de-platformed. Given the fact that Olbermann is mentally unstable, his calls for shutting down a media entity should not be particularly surprising but it is hard to watch Olbermann and not be shocked by just how openly fascist he is.

Olbermann is too angry, unhinged, and radical to hold jobs with any media outlets. His Twitter rants are far beyond the pale for even leftist media activists. That hasn’t stopped him from ranting and raving on social media anytime he’s upset. You’d think the fact that he can’t hold a job would bring about a little introspection and self-restraint but not for Olbermann.

In his latest tantrum Olbermann called Fox News a “threat” to the country’s security while also advertising his podcast that no one probably tunes in to.

On Tuesday, Olbermann ranted against the network along with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. His meltdown was brought on in response to the news that Tucker Carlson had obtained exclusive access to view over 40,000 hours of unreleased video footage from the Jan. 6 Capitol protest.

Of course, Olbermann doesn’t want the American people to know the truth about Jan. 6. Anything less than the Democrats’ narrative that Trump incited his crazed, traitorous supporters to overthrow the government via an insurrection at the Capitol would discredit Olbermann and take away the justification for his anger and hatred of conservative Americans.

McCarthy seems to strive to prove that he wants to deliver transparency and accountability now that he’s Speaker. Releasing this footage is a good step in that direction. The leftist meltdown was inevitable.

Olbermann, however, takes indignation to the next level. He asserted that by giving Tucker Carlson access to the footage, Carlson is going to be able to help the “next insurrectionists” to be more effective in their insurrecting because they’ll know where the cameras are.

Because the first “insurrection” was obviously so well-planned and executed. Right.

He also called Greene a “traitor” in the video and said “She was raised on a diet of Fox News,” despite Greene being well into her twenties before Fox News was even founded.

He then called for America’s most popular and most-watched cable news network to be shut down and silenced.

“Now that Fox’s true evil has been revealed in the Dominion lawsuit, and Fox’s true evil has been revealed while Kevin McCarthy has turned over 41,000 hours of Jan. 6 surveillance video to Tucker Carlson — exclusively — so he can show the next insurrectionists how to avoid all those cameras and reach all those panic rooms,” he stated.

“The time has now come,” Olbermann concluded. “We must de-platform Fox news, and we must close down Fox News.”

Unfortunately for Olbermann, Americans still have the right to decide who they want to listen to and considering Fox News has millions of viewers and Tucker Carlson is the most popular host on the network, he might have some trouble rounding up enough pitchfork-wielding villagers to take down the network. Especially because no one is listening to him and for good reason. He’s a lunatic fueled by unbridled rage.

Americans are just not too keen on the idea of forcing silence on those we don’t agree with, something Olbermann routinely promotes. He has absolutely no self-awareness. If he did, he’d be able to recognize he’s actually the problem. Not Fox News.

Twitter users who witnessed his post promoting authoritarianism slammed him, with some suggesting he seek mental health care:

The truly sad part is that as extreme as Olbermann’s views are, he is not alone. There are far too many Americans who agree with him and even more who don’t blink an eye at his fascist suggestions for the US.

If there’s anyone who should be shut down, it’s him, but conservatives respect the constitution and freedom of speech. Even when the speech is blatantly anti-American.

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  1. Keith: Deplatform yourself, youre useless! Dont you have enough with al the facsist US media? You want Fox also? Well. go pound sand, hide in your little corner and play with your dough.

  2. Well let’s take a gander at the state of Americas mental health and see if we can find the culprit. Over a hundred years ago the American communist party got active. Skid row Wilson and his anti American progressives got active. The left wing of the Democrats aka KKK was active in the south. Then the counter measures where enacted and created fascist in the enforcement agencies. Then the riots broke out and the cycle started again .

  3. Warning: Another escapee for the mentality deficiency ward! Be on the lookout for, drooling, foaming at the mouth and blaming Trump for rain, fog and snow as a conspiracy by Republicans to take over the world.

  4. Don’t give him any more attention. We don’t hear about him for months, and then some report comes out about him talking and acting like a sphincter again.

  5. Everybody knows the Capital is just a building. The next insurrection is going to dissolve the government. That building will mean nothing to a real insurrection. Only buffoons in Washington think Washington DC is that important to governance in America. The people govern America and their representative are getting pretty full of themselves pushing them around. An insurrection is a perfectly legal, as far as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution goes, way of dealing with tyranny. Any back sliding by the government towards totalitarian rule, is not in the Constitution. The government has taken it upon themselves to create laws against the people taking the government back from them. So whatever they think they are doing about the protests on Jan6, they are digging their own graves as far as a large portion of the country is concerned. Might as well make it a little deeper so that there will be room for this guy.


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