Large Brawl Breaks Out Between Antifa And Conservatives At Ashli Babbitt Memorial In California (Video)

(Patriot Insider) – Over the weekend, a memorial was held in Sacramento, California for Ashli Babbitt. At the same time, another memorial was being held: one for Breonna Taylor.

Ashli Babbitt was the veteran who was shot and killed in the Capitol building on Jan. 6 for no good reason at all as she was not armed or posing any kind of threat of any kind. The identity of the Capitol police officer who shot Babbitt has been protected by the left and the officer has faced no charges.

Breonna Taylor, on the other hand, was shot by police in her Louisville, Kentucky apartment during a no-knock warrant entry on suspicion of illegal drug activity. While Taylor herself wasn’t selling drugs she was associating with and aiding and abetting those who were.

As you can imagine, the Babbitt memorial, held on the west side of the state Capitol building, was attended by conservatives while the Taylor memorial, held at the Capitol rose garden, was attended by Antifa and others on the left.

Inevitably, a large brawl broke out between the two groups and police got involved in an effort to calm the tensions.

What’s disturbing is that Antifa actually sent out an alert to gather together thugs for the purpose of disrupting the Babbitt memorial. Of course, nobody from any right-wing groups thought to disrupt the memorial for Taylor but that’s neither here nor there.

Antifa scumbags do what they want, when they want, where they want with impunity. Antifa terrorists showed up to harass those attending the Babbitt memorial and were met with resistance from conservatives who are downright sick and tired of these radical left thugs.

Despite police attempting to form a line between the two groups, all hell broke loose anyway.

Police rushed to break up the fight:

We can only assume there were no charges, at least not for Antifa thugs. Law enforcement across the country are, apparently, too busy focusing on “white supremacists” to care about the actual threat Antifa poses to communities and the country at large.

In woke 21st century America, we’re all supposed to be outraged by white people and their supposed baked-in racism while turning a blind eye to the destruction and chaos caused by the likes of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

It doesn’t matter that the left are always the ones to instigate the violence, it’s for the “righteous” cause of “equality.” They’re fighting for white people to be the only ones judged by the color of their skin, you know, “equality.”

It’s downright shameful that these two memorials could not coexist without violence. It just goes to show who the real threat to America truly is.

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