LEAKED: CNN Interview Shows AOC Claiming She Thought She Was Going To Be Raped During Capitol Riot

(Patriot Insider) – US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is shameless. In clips leaked from a CNN interview and published by Project Veritas, the Democratic lawmaker says she believed she was going to be “raped” during the Jan. 6 Capitol incident.

First she alleged that she was going to be murdered and now she is saying that she thought not only was she going to be killed but that she was going to be raped also.

In the video clip published by Project Veritas Tuesday, Ocasio-Cortez told CNN’s Dana Bash that she is a survivor of sexual assault, claiming that she has not “told many people that” despite having just told her 9 million followers on Instagram that very bit of information back in February.

AOC has absolutely no shame. She has made no secret of the fact that she believes she is a sexual assault survivor and never wastes an opportunity to promote it.

She claimed back in February that those who say it’s time to just move on from the Capitol riot are “using the same tactics of every other abuser who just tells you to move on.”

In her interview with Bash, which Project Veritas spokesman Mario Balaban says CNN is planning to air in August, she said, “For a lot of [sexual assault] survivors across the country, the decision to come forward oftentimes does not feel like a conscious one.”

She then went on to make really bizarre assertions about the Jan. 6 incident, saying, “That impact was doubled that day because of the misogyny and the racism that was so deeply rooted and animated — that attack on the Capitol, you know, white supremacy and patriarchy are very linked in a lot of ways. There’s a lot of sexualizing of that violence.”

She then contended, “And I didn’t think that I was just going to be killed. I thought other things were going to happen to me as well.”

Bash responded by saying that it sounded like AOC was saying she “didn’t only think that you were going to die, you thought you were going to be raped.”

Naturally, AOC responded, “Yeah.”

When the Daily Caller News Foundation attempted to get a comment from AOC, she did not respond.

According to a CNN source, the leaked clips are not from an unaired documentary but rather from a piece still being edited for TV. The source noted that the Project Veritas video was more of an “annoyance but a non-scandal.”

When asked why Project Veritas decided to publish the leaked video, Balaban responded that “this is journalism” and “When people leak information the public deserves to know, Project Veritas will publish it.”

The real question, however, is why someone at CNN leaked the clips to begin with? Clearly whoever leaked them felt that the story was a “puff piece” and straight-up propaganda.

“CNN was clearly framing a certain way,” Balaban said, adding, “Someone obviously felt compelled to let Project Veritas break the story so the public could know what the story really is.”

The story really is that Democrats have been using the Jan. 6 incident for political gains and AOC has been using it for personal attention and sympathy. Democrats are truly shameless.

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  1. I’m going to go out on a limb here and ask why this wasn’t originally in her initial interviews on her reactions of that day (“I thought I was going to die” was the only thing she brought out back at that time)…perhaps, as Snowdin points out, “The way she talks about it maybe it is one of her fantasies.” In any event, she, as per usual, doesn’t sound very truthful…


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