Learn How YOU Can Fight Back Against Biden’s Covid Tyranny

(Patriot Insider) – With all of the insane new measures being taken by Joe Biden and his administration to allegedly fight against the COVID-19 virus, many folks in America have become very concerned about massive government overreach and oppression.

These are things that are absolutely right to be concerned about. Especially after the announcement Biden made just a week ago concerning a new vaccine mandate he plans to enact, one that would require all federal employees to receive the vaccine and demands companies with 100 or more employees make workers get vaccinated or take a weekly COVID test.

Now, obviously, there’s really no choice here. Many smaller companies will not be able to afford weekly COVID tests for every employee. This means that people will either take their shots or get let go. And there’s no way Biden and his ilk weren’t aware of that sort of thing before concocting this nonsense.

At this point, people are wondering what they can do to fight back against this garbage. Brandon Smith from Infowars has penned a piece that helps explain how we can all do just that.

“I have heard it argued that this war must be avoided; that it is “exactly what the establishment wants.” I disagree. I think globalists like those at the World Economic Forum certainly want enough chaos to provide cover for the implementation of their global “Reset” agenda, but they don’t want a full blown rebellion. They only want events in which the outcome is controllable or predictable – They do not want a massive organized resistance that might surprise them,” Smith writes.

Smith notes that this really doesn’t matter because the war is already here, right outside our front doors, whether we want it to be there or not. He goes on to say that we all have two choices. Fight or become slaves. No other option exists. We can’t walk away from this battle. We cannot hide from it and there’s no passive solution available.

“Joe Biden’s recent declaration of a federal level nationwide vaccine mandate has all but ensured that conflict is inevitable. Why? Because it is the first major step towards a two-tier society in which the unvaxxed are cut out of the economy. The next step? Forced vaccinations under threat of fines and imprisonment, the threat of confiscation of one’s children, or vaccination at the barrel of a gun. Needless to say, this was not at all surprising to me. In December of last year I published an article titled ‘If You Thought 2020 Was Bad, Watch What Happens In 2021’, stating that:

“There will then be a major push to require medical passports proving a person is not infected to enter into any public place. This means submission to 24/7 contact tracing or getting a new vaccine whenever ordered to. Basically, your life will be under the total control of state or federal governments if you want to have any semblance of returning to your normal life…..New mutations of COVID-19 will be conveniently found every year from now on, meaning the public will have to get new vaccinations constantly, and medical tyranny will never go away unless people take an aggressive stand,” Smith stated in his piece.

Smith revealed that he’s said in the past, on numerous occasions, that Biden would institute federal level vaccine mandates and maybe even a Level 4 lockdown. At the moment we’re not at a point where a Level 4 lockdown can be justified by executive order, but Biden’s administration is still working toward a control agenda with the order we discussed above.

This plan by Biden is a complete and total violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You don’t have to be a Constitutional scholar to see that’s true. He’s turning the unvaccinated into enemies of the vaccinated, splitting the nation apart even more than it currently is, and setting up the scene for some serious issues.

Biden even said his patience is wearing thin for the unvaccinated. As if those who haven’t taken the jab care about that.

Smith then goes on to list a number of reasons why folks are hesitant to take the vaccine.

“1) The median death rate of covid according to almost every single medical study and every official government tally remains at 0.26% of the infected. Given that around 40% of all covid deaths happen among people in nursing homes with preexisting conditions, it is likely that the actual death rate is much lower. But let’s just say that it is in fact 0.26% – Why is there any need to impose draconian medical controls over a virus that 99.7% of people will easily survive? Why not create a support fund for the 0.26% of people that are truly at risk so they can stay home while the rest of us get on with regular life?” Smith stated.

“2) Throughout the course of the pandemic in the US the largest percentage of hospital ICU beds that have been occupied by covid patients is 17%. That is the PEAK of covid in the ICUs. For the past few months the percentage has been closer to an average of 8% or less. This is according to the government’s own stats, which the CDC now buries instead of posting openly for easy viewing by the public. So, when the corporate media or Biden claims that the ICUs are “overwhelmed” by covid patients, this is a lie,” he continued.

“3) The experimental mRNA covid vaccines have NO long term testing to prove their safety over the long term. At least none that has ever been released to the public. The average vaccine is tested for 10-15 years before it is approved and released for use in humans. The covid vaccines were rolled out in mere months. Again, there is NO PROOF whatsoever that the covid vaccines are safe in the long term, and there are already a number of examples of lack of safety in the short term. Why would we trust an experimental protein spike vax that has nowhere near the same testing history as the majority of other normal vaccines?” Smith added.

“4) Multiple studies in nations with high rates of vaccination, including a recent study from Israel, prove that there is no such thing as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” In fact, 60% of infection cases in Israel are actually fully vaccinated people. Furthermore, Israel has found that vaccinated people are 13-27 times more likely to get infected than people with natural immunity, and they are 8 times more likely to end up in ICU,” Smith then said.

“These findings reinforce data released a month ago out of Massachusetts, where 5100 covid infections were fully vaccinated people and 80 of them died. In other words, the vaccines don’t work so great, especially when compared to natural immunity,” he said.

Smith then goes on to present a few questions that need to be answered by the “irrational COVID circus of fear.”

If these experimental vaccines are so effective and actually work, how are unvaccinated people a threat to those who received the jab? Why should unvaccinated people take the shot?

If these vaccines don’t actually work, why should anyone be forced to take something that hasn’t been thoroughly tested for long term side effects?

Biden has argued that these vaccinations are safe and effective against the coronavirus, but then later in the same breath says that “unvaxxed people are a threat to the vaccinated people.” He then pushes the lie that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” and then goes on to state that those who have taken the vaccine are in danger. This makes no sense.

“As always, the issue of “mutations” is brought up in defense of 100% vaccination campaigns. But if “mutations” are the concern, then why isn’t the government addressing the fact that a vaccinated population is just as likely if not more likely to create mutant variants of a virus when compared to unvaccinated people? Why are the unvaxxed being singled out as the supposed menace to society?” Smith asks.

However, the biggest question is why anyone should submit to COVID mandates at all? Mandates, after all, are not laws, they are “color of law restrictions without legal merit.” Orders that violate the Constitution are not to be followed.

So how can local and state governments fight against these mandates?

One thing to do is simply ignore the mandate and just live your life as normal.

“How does Biden plan to enforce these mandates on businesses? If they refuse to go along to get along, what can he do about it? Who would he send to threaten or punish these businesses? Who would be dumb enough to follow that order? Does he plan to send the IRS, the FBI, the Health Department? Someone has to do it, right? And what happens when a business is threatened and a crowd of conservatives in the community come to its defense? What happens when local and state law enforcement get in the way of federal agencies? What is Biden going to do about that? Answer – Nothing, at least not anything direct,” the Infowars piece says.

Another way to fight back is through the indirect method, as this works both ways.

“If Biden is confronted with solid resistance to the passports in communities and states, there is really only one path he has left, which is indirect pressure through economic penalties. Biden WILL attempt to force states to comply by cutting off federal funds and tax dollars. This idea might terrify some people because there is a percentage of the population in every state that relies on federal EBT and other programs for their survival. However, the federal government can be punished in the same way just as easily by the states. Let me explain…”

“Any state that is cut off from its rightful share of tax dollars can easily claim domain over federal lands and the resources on them. It is the EPA restrictions on these lands that have been unfairly used to kill numerous industries across the country. With proper management, these resources can be used to revitalize state economies and offset any federal funds lost,” Smith states.

You can also offer local businesses federal tax exemptions if they decide to relocate.

“Red states can also punish the federal government by stopping IRS tax collections within their borders and turning the tables on Biden. Numerous businesses would be itching to escape Biden’s high tax rates and would bring jobs and wealth into red states, leaving the conformist blue states in the dust,” Smith said.

You can also tell federal agencies to take a hike and get out of your state or county.

“Local law enforcement is refusing to enforce mandates in many places, which is a good start, but eventually sheriffs and communities may have to remove federal presence entirely in order to stop violations of civil liberties,” he stated.

A large number of soldiers have stated that they won’t comply with federal vaccination requirements and this is totally understandable when you look at things stated above. Another way to fight back against this nonsense would be for red states to offer some kind of protection for soldiers who leave the military based upon the principle of health autonomy.

You can also form trade relationships with other free states as a means of fighting back.

“Conservatives and constitutionalists need to organize and unify, and the best way to do this is to start with trade. It is likely that Biden will attempt to interfere with imports and the supply chain when it comes to red states, so they will need to stick together economically in order to prevent disruptions to the availability of goods. We need to rethink how states interact with each other and build more independent production and trade instead of relying on overseas suppliers. We will also need commodity backed banks with commodity backed currencies, because the buying power of the US dollar isn’t going to last much longer anyway,” the piece said.

There are all sorts of options available for us as Americans. We don’t have to take this lying down. We can put the government back in its proper place. That’s why the founders created the Constitution and gave us, the people, all the power. It’s time we used it.

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