Look Where It’s Most Dangerous To Be A Christian After Biden’s Action

(Patriot Insider) – After Joe Biden made the disastrous decision to withdraw the US from Afghanistan last year, the Taliban was left with billions of dollars worth of American munitions. It was Christmas come early for the terror regime.

On top of the billions of dollars in equipment and machinery, Biden abandoned hundreds of American citizens plus thousands of American allies, leaving them behind enemy lines.

After the Taliban rode in and took over, Biden assured the world that this wasn’t the same old terror regime of the past. This was Taliban 2.0. Except that was just one big lie.

According to the new World Watch List released by OpenDoorsUK, Afghanistan is now the hardest place in the world for a person to be a Christian.

No shocker there. The Taliban is an Islamist terror organization. Always has been and always will be.

OpenDoorsUK shared the following testimony:

“Shortly after the Taliban took over in Afghanistan, following the withdrawal of U.S. troops in August 2021, we received the following message from an Afghan Christian: ‘The Taliban want their ideology reflected everywhere, and so all signs of color, life and hope have been removed… Memories of the past came rushing back. The Taliban are killing our souls and spirits. They don’t have to shoot us for this to be painful and hard, but they will shoot us. They are killing the souls of our children by taking all that is beautiful away from them.”

The message continued, “They may try to stop us, but I doubt we can stop the movement of beauty and hope that was begun when we gave vulnerable people access to skills… We know you will help us by living the gospel, using your freedom and sharing Jesus with those who have come to your neighborhoods. Please continue to stand with us.”

OpenDoorsUK, a ministry organization that monitors the ongoing persecution of Christians around the world, concluded, “Afghanistan is now an extremely dangerous country in which to be a Christian, taking the top slot from North Korea which has held that dubious honor for the last 20 years.

“This reversal is sadly not a result of North Korea becoming safer for Christians – it has scored higher this year than ever before. But our research reveals that whereas in North Korea Christians will be imprisoned, in Afghanistan they are likely to be executed more swiftly.”

The ministry reported, “And tragically the rise of the Taliban has encouraged other Islamic extremists who now feel they can prevail through persistence. Jihadist violence has increased, taking advantage of corrupt and weakened governments and the apparent lack of international will to promote and protect human rights.”

The report noted that the “most worrying” aspect of 2021 is not just the increase in “violations of Freedom of Religion of Belief” but also the remarkable “absence of any regard for human rights at all.”

Disregard for human rights has certainly been a theme across the globe since the onset of the COVID “pandemic.” Sadly, Christians have been experiencing this disregard for years.

“Governments are becoming more totalitarian, using technology to oppress Christians and other minorities. China’s model of centralized control of religion is becoming more influential. As they export the ideology and technology of oppression, their model is emulated in countries such as Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Malaysia.”

According to the organization, men who are found to be Christians in Afghanistan are executed while women are given over to a life of slavery, if they are not killed.

Meanwhile, North Korea is still second on the list of the “most difficult and dangerous countries in the world in which to be a Christian in 2022,” where they provide “no religious freedom” at all.

“If Christians are discovered, they and their families are deported to labor camps as political criminals or killed on the spot. Gathering with other Christians is therefore almost impossible and must only be attempted in utmost secrecy.”

Somalia, where Christians often are “killed immediately upon discovery,” is third, Libya fourth and Yemen fifth.

Filling out the top 10 were Eritrea, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran and India.

Afghanistan has always been a dangerous place to be a Christian but thanks to Joe Biden handing the country over to the Taliban, it’s become even worse.

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