Look Who Funded Trans Study Cited By Joe Biden

(Patriot Insider) – Just a few days ago, the Biden administration came out and announced a full-on government run campaign to promote the mental illness of transgenderism in order to try and force Americans and their children to accept this lunacy as normal sexual behavior.

It’s not by the way. God doesn’t make mistakes. If you were born a male, that’s what you were supposed to be. If you were born a female, that’s what you were intended to be. Some men are super masculine, others are not. Both are still biologically a male. Same for women.

Up until recently, this was accepted as a biological fact. But thanks to the sexual deviants in the progressive movement, people across the country have suddenly decided to be a girl or a boy or heck, in some cases even animals.

According to WND, Biden promised folks who belong to the trans community, “I have your back.”

Many Christian leaders, like Franklin Graham, son of the late evangelist Billy Graham, came out and condemned the scheme, calling it “vile.”

But it’s even worse than that.

The whole campaign is actually based on a rather problematic study.

“And that doesn’t mean just that it ignored the 20-fold increase in suicide attempts by those who complete such a transition, compared to those who don’t. And it’s not just that Paul McHugh, the former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins, has confirmed that 70%-80% of those who claim gender dysphoria, if left alone, outgrow those feelings after a few years,” WND reported.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Biden is basing the campaign on “pushing puberty blockers for ‘trans kids,'” on a “problematic study.”

Biden actually cited information “from an LGBT group funded in part by a manufacturer of the controversial drugs used in gender reassignment,” the report went on to say.

“In statements commemorating ‘Transgender Day of Visibility,’ the White House and Department of Health and Human Services cited research from the Trevor Project to support the use of puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and sex-reassignment procedures in children seeking to change genders,” the Free Beacon’s report said.

It also stated that two of the Trevor Project’s donors, AbbVie and Allegran, both manufacture the chemicals and other products that are used in the medical gender transition process.

“The foundations attached to each of those companies provided at least $50,000 to the project, the Free Beacon said, citing a review of tax documentation and online resources,” the report stated.

“The movement has gained great strength under Joe Biden’s careful shepherding of the transgender agenda. His efforts to promote the body mutilation such processes involve on children come just as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott asked his state’s child welfare officials to investigate for child abuse parents that subject their kids to the chemicals, hormones, and surgeries involved,” WND reported.

The report also pointed out that Texas AG Ken Paxton issued a subpoena for AbbVie on the claims that it improperly promotes puberty blockers to kids. The company produces a drug called Lupron, which is a chemical sold off-label to trans children. It also sells Androgel, which is a testosterone booster used to help girls transition to boys, the report stated, while Allergan makes other kinds of materials that are used in the process of “gender reassignment.”

The Free Beacon then went on to note that the Trevor Project study also appeared in the Journal of Adolescent Health and claimed that teenagers with access to these drugs and procedures to help them change genders were less likely to deal with depression and commit suicide.

“But in fact a team of scientists including a doctor who participated in AbbVie’s trial wrote a letter in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism in 2019 warning the suspect treatments could cause sterility, sexual dysfunction and worse if used on children,” the report stated.

“And the Daily Caller reported recently another study, from Stanford researchers, came out based on money donated from Pfizer and Arbor. Pfizer, which sells estradiol to be used on boys, also is a sponsor of the Human Rights Campaign, the pro-LGBT activists that Biden also cited touting treatments for children,” the report added.

“Dobson, founder of the James Dobson Family Institute, host of the ‘Family Talk’ radio programs, and adviser to multiple presidents on family issues, said Biden, despite war in Europe, a lagging economy, skyrocketing inflation and a crisis at the border, has as his highest priority ‘to force transgenderism onto our children,'” WND went on to say.

“Last week, Biden and his administration released two agency documents designed to enable and encourage boys and girls to castrate themselves chemically and surgically while calling it ‘a form of supportive healthcare.’ This is the prequel to five ‘gender-affirming care’ regulations forthcoming this month and next,” WND’s report revealed.

He then went on to charge that Biden’s infliction of this program on kids, “defies God’s natural laws and grossly breaches all ethical boundaries as it pertains to protecting the welfare of our children. Let’s call it what it really is – an outrageous and vile attack against our precious kids.”

He then took an opportunity to explain that, “Both documents, one from the Office of Population Affairs, entitled ‘Gender-Affirming Care and Young People,’ and the other, ‘Gender-Affirming Care is Trauma-Informed Care,’ issued by The National Child Traumatic Stress Network use Orwellian language to explain why it is so important for parents and others to support a child’s desire to change their gender. These officials state that ‘early gender-affirming care is crucial to (the) overall health and well-being’ of a child.”

“Perhaps, worst of all, President Biden had the audacity to invoke God’s name on behalf of this wickedness. In a video statement, he addressed transgender Americans and stated, ‘Our entire administration sees you for who you are, made in the image of God, and deserving of dignity, respect, and support,'” he continued.

“Of course, President Biden is correct when he quotes Genesis 1:27 and says those who experience gender dysphoria—along with all human beings—are made in the image of God. Yet, in saying this, it is ironic, in the most sickening sense, that Biden is encouraging these same young people to rebel against God’s image imprinted upon their very beings. In his failed attempt to appear holy and pious, President Biden conveniently omits the second half of the verse he quotes which says, ‘male and female He created them,'” he said.

“No one should distort the Lord’s very words in this way. President Biden would do well to remember that God will not be mocked,” he stated.

Graham also condemned Biden’s actions on this issue.

“This is vile. It’s one of the most wicked initiatives that we’ve seen come out of Washington. President Biden’s Democratic administration is endorsing sex-change operations and hormone treatments for children,” he charged on social media. “Mutilating bodies and removing the genitalia of children is permanent. All of their manipulated research saying that it improves mental health or increases happiness is just a lie from hell. What it really does is destroy the lives and futures of these children,” he went on to say.

Graham then said, “Churches and followers of Jesus Christ must stand against this evil agenda. Politicians who support this shouldn’t be in leadership, and we need to work to get them out of office in the next election—whether they’re Republican or Democrat. Speaking of regime changes—we need one in this country. What do you think?”

These folks are trying to twist up the natural order and undermine both God and parents in order to separate children from those who raise them in order to make them see the state as their true parents. It’s sickening indoctrination and must be stopped.

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  1. A small percentage of the population wants to reshape the rest of us in an ideology that is not in the realm of biology or science. They are in high places with billions of $ so they want to reform us, now they are coming for our young innocent kids at their early age, before they can say their name properly.

  2. When I was a kid I was a tomboy. I hated dresses, I climbed trees, played baseball and football and wore my hair short, they would have loved me now. However when I was thirteen that all changed I started to get interested in boys. I have blond hair, blue eyes and long legs and I loved dressing up as a girl and later a woman. Never ever had I even considered becoming a male. But in today’s world when I was a tomboy if this transgender crap had been pushed on me I might of fell for it. And then what? At thirteen I would have been very confused and full of regret. Leave our kids alone and let them make their own choices when they are ready.

  3. I would like to hear from pediatricians and pediatric psychologists and pediatric psychiatrists on the issue of young children electing to change genders. Is the brain developed at those very young ages to understand and comprehend the seriousness and consequences of that decision.


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