Michigan’s Tyrannical Whitmer May Very Well Have Her Own Nursing Home Death Scandal

(Patriot Insider) – As calls for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s impeachment continue to mount, now his fellow Democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan is also facing scrutiny for the very same malfeasance.

Republican lawmakers in the Great Lake State are calling for investigation into the way the governor handled nursing homes and long-term care facilities during the coronavirus pandemic, during which she earned a name for herself as one of the most dictatorial of COVID governors.

Michigan State Senator Jim Runestad (R) led the charge, expressed in letters issued to both acting U.S. Attorney General Monty Wilkinson and Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and signed by seven additional Republican state senators, Fox News reports.

“Gov. Whitmer’s regional hub policy placed patients with and without COVID-19 in the same facilities and may have exacerbated the death toll in those facilities,” Runestad explained of their grievances on Wednesday.

“Questions remain regarding the accuracy of data, compliance with CDC guidelines and compliance with our state’s Freedom of Information Act. There is a critical need for a full investigation into these matters,” he continued.

The letters point to infection and death rates that “have soared” over the last year, noting that Whitmer’s administration “been questioned about unintended consequences” of her handling of the pandemic.

The lawmakers also highlight “discrepancies” in COVID cases and deaths “in the state’s long-term care facilities.”

“It has now come to our attention that these reporting errors have likely not been resolved,” the letter stated.

They accuse Whitmer’s regional hub policy of having placed patients who tested positive for the COVID-19 virus in the same facilities as those not yet infected, which they claim “may have exacerbated the death toll in those facilities.”

“And, due to reporting failures, there will be no accurate data on how many residents may have been harmed by the administration’s policies because there is no clear reporting path to document nursing home patient cases by facility after a transfer takes place,” the letter continued.

The lawmakers demand a “full investigation” into how Whitmer’s office handled nursing homes amid the COVID crisis.

Meanwhile, over in the state House, Oversight Committee chairman Steven Johnson, also a Republican, has conducted a hearing to probe nursing home deaths.

Although the state health and human services director was invited to testify at this hearing, FOX2 Detroit had reported, they issued a letter instead.

Johnson explained that the letter essentially said “are doing everything we have to, we have the greatest data out there, we’re collecting everything like we are supposed to,” yet the HHS director didn’t actually share any data with them.

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  1. All the Republican governors have been negligent except for Hogan, they should all be investigated first as they didn’t support wearing of masks to appease the criminal and traitor Trump.


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