Mike Pompeo Drops Bombshell: Biden Administration’s Ties To China Run Deeper Than Joe

(Patriot Insider) – Joe Biden isn’t the only one with connections to the Chinese Communist Party. It’s bad enough for the US that Joe Biden and members of his family had a deal with an energy firm connected to the CCP. According to former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, the ties to China include “members of the Biden administration’s Cabinet.”

During an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, Pompeo said that there are members of the Biden regime that “worked on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party,” adding, “They had clients in China, deeply connected. I think we’re only beginning to pull the threads.”

“And if you don’t have actors who are putting the American people first – if there are other things, personal family interests or former business interests or friends that are still out doing that kind of peddling – it creates an enormous national security risk,” the former secretary of state under President Trump asserted.

“We need presidents, leaders at every level across the country focused singularly on representing the people they have been elected to serve.”

While the left wants Americans to focus on hating Russia, it’s China that poses the real threat. Pompeo pointed out that it is the objective of the CCP to take over the US as both a military and economic power, and they’ve been at it for decades.

The party’s congress in Beijing, he remarked, “will put a lie to any doubt about the Chinese objective.”

The CCP has been using an energy firm known as CEFC China Energy as a means to influence other parts of the world. Evidence from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop as well as from his former business associate Tony Bobulinski, shows that Joe Biden himself was involved in the deal Hunter had made with CCP-controlled CEFC.

At the time Hunter Biden, and Joe Biden, made the deal with CEFC its chairman was billionaire Ye Jianming. On Sunday, Washington Times national security reporter Bill Gertz reported newly discovered evidence that Ye worked for a unit of the People’s Liberation Army involved in covert influence operations against the United States.

If only the ties to the CCP stopped there, it’d be bad enough, but they don’t. According to Ben Weingarten, a Claremont Institute fellow, Biden Cabinet members’ also have ties to the CCP.

Weingarten laid out the connections in an Op-Ed for Newsweek, explaining that Secretary of State Tony Blinken co-founded a consultancy that helps corporations and academic institutions pursue their interests in China. CIA Director William Burns ran the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, which received as much as $2 million from Chinese Community Party-tied businessmen and think tanks. United Nations Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield spoke favorably of China during a paid speech at Savannah State University delivered to one of the Confucius Institutes, a public educational and cultural promotion program run by the Chinese Communist Party. “Asia Czar” Kurt Campbell was board vice chairman of the U.S.-China Strong Foundation, which is linked to the CCP.

It’s pretty clear the Biden regime is composed of CCP shills, including Biden himself.

Back in February, Pompeo did a Fox News interview in which he urged the Biden regime to copy Trump’s approach to China and confront Beijing “head-on.”

“For 50 years, the United States allowed the Chinese Communist Party to walk all over us, destroyed millions of jobs here, they stole intellectual property,” he noted. “They infiltrated our research institutions. All of this was, frankly, under Republican and Democratic presidents alike.”

He pointed out, however, that things were different under the Trump administration.

“When they were spying on us from a consulate in Houston, we closed it. When they were engaging in trade practices that were unfair, we put tariffs on them,” stated Pompeo. “Every place in our livelihoods, our administration took it on. That’s what they need to do.”

The only problem is the Biden regime exists for the advancement of the CCP and everybody knows it. While Pompeo is absolutely right, it doesn’t make any difference. Biden is a puppet for the CCP and the US is in big trouble.

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