Milley’s Military: Woke Navy Launches Ship Named After Gay Rights Leader

(Patriot Insider) – The military is being transformed at rapid speed. America’s leaders don’t want brave men and women who are dedicated to protecting Americans’ freedoms and the Constitution.

What America’s leaders want now is an army of sycophantic lockstep drones who are willing to push the progressive, globalist agenda of the elites on the masses whether we like it or not.

The Biden regime is making a mockery of the United States’ armed forces.

In a show of their support and promotion of “inclusion” and “acceptance,” a US Navy ship has just been christened the USNS Harvey Milk after the slain gay rights pioneer.

The ship, a replenishment oiler, was officially named and launched on Saturday in San Diego Bay after a bottle of champagne was smashed on the bow by former Navy officer Paula M. Neira.

Neira is the clinical program director for the Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health. How woke. Neira was joined by Milk’s nephew, Stuart Milk, and US Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro.

“The secretary of the Navy needed to be here today, not just to amend the wrongs of the past, but to give inspiration to all of our LGBTQ community leaders who served in the Navy, in uniform today and in the civilian workforce as well too, and to tell them that we’re committed to them in the future,” Del Toro said.

The plan to put Milk’s name on a “Military Sealift Command fleet oiler” has been in the making since 2016 when former US Navy Secretary Ray Mabus first publicly announced his intentions to do so.

Mabus also decided that six new future oilers would bear the names of other civil and human rights activists including Sojourner Truth, Chief Justice Earl Warren, Robert F. Kennedy, suffragist Lucy Stone and Rep. John Lewis of Georgia.

Stuart Milk, co-founder and president of the Harvey Milk Foundation, thanked Mabus for providing the family with details of Milk’s discharge from the Navy.

“He has a less-than-honorable discharge. He was forced to resign because he was gay,” Stuart Milk said, adding that “we have to teach our history to prevent ourselves from going backwards and repeating it.”

Yet, that doesn’t seem to hold true for other sins of the past, such as segregation, which the radical left is steadfastly embracing.

The six oilers have been under construction by General Dynamics NASSCO in San Diego since 2018, with a $3.2 billion Navy contract. The first ship in the class was the John Lewis and it was named and launched over the summer.

Instead of worrying about how to deal with our aggressive enemies like China and Russia, the US Navy is busy celebrating inclusivity and the rights of the LGBT communities.

China is laughing at us and can you blame them?

Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, needs to resign now more than ever. He’s proven to be nothing more than a radical leftist and political hack. After the Afghanistan debacle he should have been out the door but now it’s apparent that he’s hell-bent on moving the military in the direction of a woke, progressive activist organization rather than the defenders of freedom and democracy that they’re supposed to be.

We are screwed.

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