Minneapolis’ “George Floyd Autonomous Zone” Issues Rules For White People While Violence And Crime Skyrocket

(Patriot Insider) – Black Lives Matter activists in Minneapolis have established an autonomous zone in honor of George Floyd. The zone is being called the “George Floyd Autonomous Zone” and is based off of other successful autonomous zones established in cities around the US.

Note the sarcasm as there have been no successful autonomous zones anywhere in the US. Just like the other autonomous zone attempts, the “George Floyd Autonomous Zone” has seen increased rates violence, criminal activity, drug use and even a murder, according to reporter Andy Ngo.

Nonetheless, the radicals of Minneapolis seem to believe they have a secret for success that none of the other failed autonomous zones had: specific rules for white people.

The zone, which has been established around the area where Floyd died, has taken on a cult-like feel as “miracles” and “baptisms” along with other spiritual events are apparently taking place regularly.

George Floyd, the drug addict and petty criminal, is being made into a saint-like figure. This could not portray the current state of affairs in the US any better.

White people wishing to take part in this bizarre martyr worship must take heed to a special set of rules made up by radicals designed to keep them in check.

While all visitors to the zone are asked to wear facemasks and act with “humility,” the rule page goes on to describe how white people will be treated differently and held to a different standard so as to prevent any “problematic” behavior.

Black radicals in Minneapolis are asking white people to “decenter” themselves which is just a polite way of demanding that white people act like second class citizens and keep their mouths shut.

“Be mindful of whether your volume, pace and movements are supporting or undermining your efforts to decenter yourself,” the paper states.

The demeaning demands of the rules page continues on saying that white people need to “contribute to the energy of the space, rather than drain it.”

It also directs white people to be considerate when deciding if it’s appropriate to take pictures and to seek consent from anyone they might photograph despite the entire area being a public space.

Lastly, the rules suggest that white people step up and put other white folks in check if they “witness white folks doing problematic things,” which we assume would include anything besides worshipping the BLM deity, George Floyd.

BLM advocates for modern-day segregation and “woke” white people are more than happy to self-deprecate just to prove how not racist they are. It’s all completely absurd.

The globalist Marxist movement to divide and conquer America from the inside is clearly still alive and well. Until black people wake up and realize they are being shamefully used as pawns and foot soldiers in this much bigger game to destroy the US, things are only going to get worse.

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