MUST-SEE: Hilarious Comics Impersonate Kamala, Jill, Nancy, More…

(Patriot Insider) – One thing we’re sorely lacking in culture today is comedy. Yes, laughter in the modern day has become an endangered species thanks in large part to cancel culture making it impossible to say anything even remotely funny because those who belong to this group of soulless automatons are ready to scream and cry if they are offended over almost anything.

It’s also pretty hard to smile and laugh when you have wacky liberals and progressives going full on evil in a fight to preserve the “right” to murder the unborn, which is tantamount to child sacrifice on the altar of convenience.

And let’s not even get started on what’s happening in Ukraine right now, or the fact there’s a shortage of infant formula.

Unfortunately, there’s even more bad stuff going down in our country. Inflation. And let’s not forget that there’s still a concerted effort to implement more lockdowns because of COVID as leftists scramble to hold on to political power they stole from American citizens over the course of the last two years.

Thankfully, we have folks like Shawn Farash and The Rachel Maria, who are impersonators that do a fantastic job of impersonating a wide range of individuals, including President Trump.

“Maria puts in a lot of effort with makeup and costume changes, and catches the essence of her targets with ease,” WND reported. “As Kamala Harris, she cackles that same grating laugh for which the real Harris is famous.”

“This is the last time I’m gonna be addressing these questions, OK?” “Kamala” says, “And I’m gonna do it like the five Ws. We’re gonna start with who. Who am I? I’m the president of the United States of America in case you missed it…”

Doing an impersonation of “Nancy,” she goes on to say, “Oh, yes, OK, what do it do? Just sit here? Just sit here? OK. How’s my hair look? Good. All right. Can you hand me that please? Yeah. Just want a sip. … OK, that’s it. That’s it. Oh. One more thing. One more thing.”

All of this is happening while she’s spraying whipped cream into her mouth.

She then breaks out her best “Jill,” saying, “Hello everyone! Happy Easter. I’m Jill, wife of Jill’s husband, ha-ha. I know, I’m having the time of my life. This is the best stop ever. OK. All right. Who knows what Easter’s about? Jesus? What do you think this is? 2019? heh-heh. No, Easter is about bunnies, and eggs!”

“Another impersonator, Capt. Deplorable 45 was played on WSE Radio, while the real President Trump was being interviewed,” the report said.

The impersonator stated, “Gas is too damn high, I just have to say the gas is too damn high. Look at this. $4.89. It’s a disgusting thing. I miss it when it when the gas used to be low. You know it used to be so low, lower than fake news CNN’s ratings or AOC’s IQ. Now the gas is high. Higher than Jerry Nadler’s pants.”

The real Trump responded by saying, “I think that’s the best I’ve heard.”

“In the second impersonation of Trump, also by Capt. Deplorable, AKA Shawn Farash, he said he just likes sharing it with people and making people laugh,” WND reported.

The “Trump” character, acting like GPS instructions in a TikTok video, went on to say, “In a quarter mile, you’re going to make left, ok, we’re talking about a left onto Sortel Boulevard, a wonderful street, I built it with my own two hands. A beautiful street I know a lot about it. Nobody knows Sortel like I know Sortel. You’re going to make a left at…”

We all need a laugh every once in a while.

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  1. President Trump might consider running with Captain Deplorable for his VP. They both have the great sense of humor that will keep our country laughing and high spirited whilst President Trump tries to bring the United States back from the brink of destruction brought on by Joe Biden and his comrades.

  2. Shawn Farash did a great impersonation of Donald Trump. I especially liked when he said, “we’re more lost than Biden when he leaves his basement”. I also like it when he said he wears his hat backwards because that’s the way this country is going. He’s absolutely right about both.


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