MUST-SEE: Newsom Boldly Declares CA Is National Model On Homelessness… We Got The Numbers!

(Patriot Insider) – California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom is diving headlong into some kind of delusional mental disorder as he’s now making claims that his state is the “national model” for how to properly deal with the issue of homelessness. However, the numbers — which cannot lie — paint a very different picture. I mean, we don’t necessarily even have to look at the numbers to come to the conclusion that Newsom is very, very wrong. Just the fact that the streets of San Francisco have been reduced to human waste receptacles where you can’t go more than a few feet down the sidewalk at a time without coming across fecal matter is more than enough to make the governor a liar.

Connor Cavanaugh of The Western Journal wrote, “The Golden State and its underwhelming handling of the homeless crisis have long been a topic of online discussions as things such as the human defecation map of San Francisco made their way through social media.”

I’m not an expert or anything, but I firmly believe that if you have feces littering the streets of your city, which is being deposited by homeless people, you should be disqualified from considering yourself to be the example for handling this very important issue.

“According to data from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 28 percent of all homeless people in America reside in the western state — up a whopping 40 percent from five years ago,” Cavanaugh penned.

Again, the numbers do not match up with Newsom’s claim that California is the shining example all other states should follow in handling homelessness. It’s quite the opposite. If you want to know how you should NOT go about dealing with the homeless, look to the failed policies of the land of fruits and nuts.

“The numbers manage to get even worse when considering those who are ‘unsheltered’ (i.e., sleeping in streets, cars or ‘places not meant for human habitation’), as opposed to those living in an emergency shelter or other form of temporary housing: California has a full 49 percent of unsheltered people in the country — just shy of half,” the article continued.

How big does one’s ego have to be to completely disregard actual, hard scientific data and state that you’ve got homelessness licked? I mean, anyone can do research and see these numbers for themselves. Is he really trying to gaslight people into thinking this information isn’t accurate?

“The state of California has seen a decline in veterans’ homelessness. We have a national model,” he proudly stated during a press conference.

“That hasn’t changed California from being the center of the homeless crisis in America, and certainly hasn’t made it a ‘national model.’ It’s even more bizarre to be making the claims while being under fire for failing to provide evidence of the effectiveness of more than $20 billion in homeless program funds, per Fox News,” Cavanaugh said.

Homelessness is without a doubt one of the most pressing issues we face as a country. As Cavanaugh points out, no human being should be denied the opportunity to work themselves out of the pit of poverty. However, in order to do that, you have to have a strong economy, one that isn’t being ravaged by massive inflation and extremely expensive housing options.

“While the entire economy of California is out of whack and a simple fast-food meal finds a way to become $20, it’s no wonder the state has seen a six percent increase in homelessness since last year. Democrats have abjectly failed the Golden State residents. They’ve transformed what was once the most prosperous state in the union into a shell of what it once was,” the report noted.

And while there are a lot of actions one can take to help end homelessness, the very best one is to boot Democrats out of office.

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