MUST-SEE: Pro-Abortion Protester Shoots Flamethrower At Police Officers

(Patriot Insider) – Now that the left is completely losing their minds over the official Supreme Court decision on Friday to overturn Roe v Wade, things we’re bound to escalate violently.

On Friday, a man was arrested during a Los Angeles protest and hit with an attempted murder charge and a million-dollar bail after he fired a makeshift flamethrower at police.

You know, for “women’s rights” and all.

This is what happens when you have politicians espousing dangerous and threatening rhetoric when things don’t go their way. Crazies with weapons decide to take action and that action tends to lead to violence.

Michael Ortiz took action at the behest of politicians and political groups who have encouraged him to and now he’s sitting in jail. Thankfully no police officers were killed by his flamethrower.

Apparently, flamethrowers are just a step too far for the LA police who did virtually nothing during 2020 to stop violent riots.

At any rate, it’s good to see someone finally dealing with these violent domestic terrorists.

Reporter Andy Ngo, who has been exposing the truth by throwing himself in the midst of riots and violence for years and has been badly beaten by Antifa, tweeted a video of Ortiz attempting to attack police with his flamethrower.

Ngo reported that one police officer was hospitalized for burns, according to The Hill. Of course, you won’t hear about that on the mainstream media outlets. They don’t care to report on violence towards police.

However, when the supposed violence is the other way around, you can count on them to cover those stories with vigor and zeal. For example, as police attempted to keep pro-abortion activists off LA’s busy 101 Freeway on Saturday, Full House actress Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie Tanner, was shoved to the ground.

That’s the kind of “real” news the mainstream media will report on.

Naturally, authorities have promised to investigate the Sweetin incident while the violence towards police during that same event is conveniently ignored.

The police say the protest Sweetin was involved in was otherwise peaceful despite “protesters” hurling bottles, rocks and fireworks at police. At least they weren’t firing flamethrowers, right?

Too bad more rioters didn’t have flamethrowers during the raucous 2020 riots that rocked US cities around the country. Maybe police would have acted more swiftly to shut them down.

The media, of course, still would have reported that they were “peaceful protests” but maybe some more serious action would have been taken to deter others from engaging in violence.

Unfortunately, when Democrats control the culture, violence comes with it. The irony is, these people are taking to violence in protest over the prospect of not being able to commit violence against the unborn.

The left is characterized by violence.

Apparently nobody told these unhinged activists that abortion won’t be banned in California anytime soon.

Here we go with another “summer of love.”

Copyright 2022.

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  1. Let’s just keep in mind these Violent Protesters are radical socialist democrats that are causing property damage and threatening the lives of conservatives and police in numerous states.

    • Put those Dem Insurrectionist in jail pending their Trial in the work camps of AZ for two years! Wish the ole Sherif Joe was still around in office!

  2. What do you expect from people that want to kill babies!!!! All savages so treat them as such. Hang them all as examples of what an American is not

    • I do like these abortionist Costumes they run around in big hairy scary VJJ’s ! Good for a laugh and mental breakdown which should be enough to warrant Shock Therapy!

  3. Where are the arrests for the Az Capital Insurrection and kidnapping of Congress men and woman?? Is this going to be its only an insurrection if conservatives do it law?? Lock them up AZ and drop the hammer down on these Dem Insurrectionist!! We the People Demand it!

  4. what a bunch of loony-Tunes in the “land of fruits nuts and Flakes”,…. they aren’t even Effected,…. and yet they try and murder police officers,…. who are simply, “doing the do”, Everybody was early anyway,…. the smash and grabs start at sunset


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