MUST-SEE: Rep. Lauren Boebert Hits Back When Joy Behar Tries To Use Family Photo As A Smear

(Patriot Insider) – Leftists have jumped on the weekend’s mass shooting in Buffalo, using it as an opportunity to slam President Trump, MAGA, conservatives, Fox News and right-wing commentators like Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro and more.

It doesn’t matter that the alleged shooter wrote a manifesto in which he claimed to be “authoritarian left,” anti-Christian, and discussed his hatred of all things conservative.

The radical left is hell-bent on pushing their narratives which include doing away with the Second Amendment and the promotion of the idea that white supremacy is the biggest threat facing the US.

These people are truly sick in the head.

One of the most annoying and outspoken leftists in the establishment media naturally had to chime in with her two cents.

“The View” co-host Joy Behar took to Twitter to give her opinion on the mass shooting that claimed 10 lives in Buffalo on Saturday at a Tops Friendly Market grocery store. The attack was racially motivated but certainly not in the way that leftists are framing it.

Behar used the tragedy as an opportunity to smear one of the few freedom-loving American lawmakers who actually fights for the rights of Americans.

Fortunately, Behar’s target, GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert (CO) knows how to take a punch and hit right back.

In a Sunday Twitter post, Behar posted a photo Boebert had originally posted back in December, showing her posing with her four sons all of whom are holding rifles in front of a Christmas tree.

Boebert’s post was intended to show support for Rep. Thomas Massie (KY) who had come under leftist fire for posting a Christmas picture of his family armed with firearms.

Behar, of course, took the picture out of context and used it to draw a connection between Boebert’s sons and the 18-year-old who had gone on a killing spree just the day before.

“This is obscene,” Behar wrote.

What’s obscene is using the picture of an American family, who have committed no crimes, to slander all Second Amendment-supporting Americans and insinuate that somehow these Americans are the reason 10 people in Buffalo were murdered by a mentally unstable young man with deeply flawed ideological views.

Boebert didn’t take the hit lying down.

“Joy-less, we know you hate America,” she wrote. “Go back to your sex strike.”

The nickname “Joy-less” could not be more accurate for “The View” shrew Behar who is constantly expressing her anger for all things America.

However, many might not have got Boebert’s reference. Earlier this month Behar suggested on “The View” that American women go on a “sex strike” as a means to somehow prevent the Supreme Court from overturning Roe v Wade.

If only liberal women would actually go on a sex strike, abortion just might go away on its own. No doubt this irony was lost on Behar.

Does Behar think it’s a punishment for the Supreme Court is women stop having unprotected sex outside of marriage? Of course, she never tried to explain how a “sex strike” would persuade the SCOTUS to change course and throw out their decision to overturn the 1973 ruling but we know that’s because it’s a completely nonsensical notion.

While Behar’s post slandering Boebert and her family had plenty of support from her unhinged Twitter followers, Boebert also had plenty of support from more sane, sensible Americans.

Of course, leftists are getting desperate. With the mid-term elections just around the corner they know they’re going to have to pull out all the stops in order to make conservatives and Republicans look bad.

They’re never going to win free and secure elections based on the economy or the Biden regime’s job performance.

Their only tactic right now is to distract the American people as much as possible with divisive rhetoric and unhinged personal attacks on their opponents.

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  1. Behar and all the women on that show are complete and utter idiots. The people who watch their show become dumber, they can’t even decipher truth from behar’s lies. It’s so sad bc the majority of people who watch the show are women, doesn’t say much for us.

  2. The View is nothing more than another forum for leftist propaganda and Marxist, socialist dogma. To expect them to do anything else is a waste of time. Here was a perfect opportunity for Twitter to show they are not biased and remove this hateful tweet, mark it with a warning or even ban Behar, but none of that happened. I still think “social media” is the worst thing that ever happened to humanity and Elon is wasting his time trying to fix it. It is an evil idea that cannot be saved if it is allowed to continue shaping peoples way of thought. The only way it would ever not be evil is if it was completely limited to unimportant daily drivel of family events, gossip and celebrity news. But as a “public square” it is a total failure as any kind of free speech platform. It is essentially an echo chamber for the left and conservatives will be persecuted within it’s framework. It was created by leftists, for leftists. Conservatives are not full members on these platforms, but targets for the leftists on the service. Propaganda is it’s first priority then profit.


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