Must Watch: See All The Ways The Establishment Media Are Lying To Americans About Georgia Election Law

(Patriot Insider) – The US has been a hot mess ever since Joe Biden managed to usurp the presidency via the corrupt and stolen 2020 presidential election.

We all know Biden didn’t win anywhere near 81 millions votes but Democrats insist there was “no fraud” and that the 2020 election was the “most secure” in US history.

That sure doesn’t explain why the Democrats in Congress rushed to put together one of the most absurd, one-sided “voting rights” bills ever seen.

If there were no problems with the 2020 election then why did Democrats rush to put this bill together? It’s obvious that they saw how well their underhanded, corrupt tactics worked in 2020 and wanted to ensure that nothing would stand in their way in the future.

Thankfully, millions of Americans saw exactly what went down during the 2020 election and have been demanding their state and federal representatives do something to prevent future leftist shenanigans.

Republican lawmakers from coast to coast have heeded the call. While the Democrats’ absurd “voting rights” bill will never make it past the Senate, GOP legislators around the country are also making it harder for Dems to cheat in the future.

Over 40 state legislatures have introduced laws with the purpose of tightening up election security and ensuring integrity moving forward.

Naturally, the Democrats aren’t happy. They have absolutely no valid argument against making US elections more safe and secure so they’ve been forced to resort to the “racism” and “voter suppression” cards.

Their strategy is completely transparent and with the newly released Project Veritas videos exposing CNN as a major leftist propaganda machine, Americans are seeing right through the media’s blatant and obvious lies.

Currently in the hot seat is the state of Georgia for their newly passed and signed into law legislation that makes fraud more difficult in the state. These laws are less strict than many laws in the deepest of blue states but don’t expect CNN or MSNBC to tell you that.

They’re too busy being hysterical and pushing the biggest lie that even the Usurper President Joe Biden himself has promoted: that the new GA voting laws are akin to Jim Crow.

As a matter of fact, Joe Biden said they’re even worse than Jim Crow and they make “Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle” and they’re “Jim Crow on steroids.”

Meanwhile, the left-leaning Washington Post actually gave a pretty fair shake to the GA voter laws and did a little fact-checking on Biden and the media’s outrageous claims. The WaPo awarded Biden with the maximum “four Pinocchios” for his false statements regarding the law.

The three biggest lies being spun by the media are that voter ID is “racist” and amounts to “voter suppression,” that Republicans are trying to limit drop box use, and that restricting who can hand out food and water to voters in line is somehow “voter suppression.”

These absurd opinions come from the establishment media and Democrats despite polls that indicate as many as 80% of US voters support voter ID laws.

The Media Research Center, known for keeping track of bias within the establishment media, did a video explaining the ways these leftists are blatantly and openly lying to the American people.

MRC says TV personalities “are carrying water for Democrats by framing the new Georgia election security law as a racist roll-back of voting rights.”

That, of course, could not be further from the truth and, as MRC points out, the bill actually expands voting accessibility and rights.

Check out the short video:

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