Nancy Pelosi Has Her OWN Awkward ‘Please Clap’ Moment During White House Event; 4 Words Break The Spell (VIDEO)

(Patriot Insider) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seemed to have a hard time getting her audience on the same page during a Tuesday speech on the White House lawn meant to celebrate Biden’s signing of the ironically named Inflation Reduction Act.

With Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer by her side, Pelosi said the “landmark law” is “driving down costs for kitchen table items for America’s working families.”

“Mr. President, thank you for unifying and inspiring a vision of a stronger, fairer, safer future for all our children. Your extraordinary leadership has made this glorious day possible,” Pelosi said in her speech which smacked of over-the-top leftist propaganda.

After her dramatic line the audience didn’t seem very receptive. Pelosi awkwardly prompted them to clap, saying, “that’s an applause line.”

The crowd then got on board and gave Pelosi her applause.

After a brief moment of silence, Pelosi told the audience “that’s an applause line,” eliciting claps from the spectators.

She continued, “And let us salute Leader Schumer (and) his colleagues in the Senate for their extraordinary leadership and the success in bringing this bill to the floor,” which included a quid pro quo for Dem Joe Manchin (WV) who was originally against supporting the massive spending package.

Schumer then comically interjected with, “That’s an applause line!”

Biden later spoke to the crowd to celebrate the bill, which was signed last month. The pomp and circumstance came despite a new government report that shows how difficult it could be to bring down surging prices to pre-pandemic levels.

It’s hard to imagine how the Inflation Reduction Act could possibly bring down any costs for Americans when it entails a myriad of liberal pet initiatives including the expansion of the Affordable Care Act’s health care premium subsidies, climate and energy initiatives, and a massive expansion of the IRS.

While the bill is supposed to bring down prescription drug costs and bring about tax reform, it is unlikely to actually save Americans any money as we’ll all be on the hook to pay for the left’s radical agenda initiatives.

The bill includes over $400 billion of spending and is estimated to shrink the deficit by $300 billion over the next 10 years, according to Democrats.

In recent years, the “please clap” moment has not been as rare as one might think. Politicians have been forced to remind their audiences to clap for something when their speech has fallen flat.

As the Washington Examiner highlighted, Former GOP 2016 presidential contender Jeb Bush had his own moment during a 2016 campaign stop in New Hampshire where he insisted the next president of the United States should be “quieter” but prepared to look out for the security interests of the country.

He literally told the audience, “Please clap” in a truly cringey moment.

Is it any wonder the audience listening to Pelosi wasn’t enthusiastically clapping? Tuesday’s economic report was a bitter reminder of the real condition of the US economy. While gas prices have come down a bit, household items and groceries still remain especially high suggesting the Fed is going to have to raise interest rates again and inflict further pain in order to actually get prices to move.

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