Nasty Rep. Eric Swalwell Blames Trump For Train Derailment… But There’s Two Major Problems

(Patriot Insider) – Left-wing Congressman Eric Swalwell of California, a man whose sole claim to fame is that he had an intimate personal relationship with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang, is now being ripped apart for a rather embarrassing tweet he posted where he attempted to pin the blame for the Ohio train derailment disaster on former President Donald Trump. Because who else would progressives blame for this incident? Even if he has nothing to do with a situation, the Democratic Party will bend over backwards to try and cook up some sort of connection. He’s their favorite scapegoat.

On Monday, Swalwell created a Twitter post that claimed the deregulation of railroads under the Trump administration is what led to the train cars “exploding” in East Palestine, Ohio. He then posted a screenshot of a Fortune magazine article that was originally published back in 2018 warning about just such a possibility, according to The Western Journal’s Peter Partoll.

The only thing this tweet accomplished for the controversial congressman was making him out to be a fool due to two huge problems with his claim.

First off, the National Transportation Safety Board has already made the determination that Trump’s deregulation had zero role to play in what happened in East Palestine. This is President Joe Biden’s own agency. They aren’t on Trump’s side or in his pocket.

Several individuals pointed this very inconvenient fact out to Swalwell, which is something he apparently ignored.

However, there was an even more obvious issue with the tweet that Swalwell posted.

“The Democrat posted a screenshot of a Trump tweet about deregulation alongside the Fortune article. It seems, however, that the tweet and the article were not related at all. Trump sent that tweet on Aug. 3, 2017, and the article was published on Sept. 24, 2018,” Partoll reported.

The Western Journal writer then noted that, “This is absolutely insane but not surprising. It is frankly to be expected that Democrats will blame anything bad that happens on Trump, even though he has been out of office for two years.”

Despite the fact we’ve witnessed the Afghanistan withdrawal, massive inflation, gas price hikes, major spikes in criminal activity, a border crisis, and many other issues since Biden took over, all the results of his failed policies, the left still tries to blame Trump for everything. When are they going to give it a rest?

“Swalwell is simply playing politics with the disaster in East Palestine by pinning it on Trump, despite the fact that the Biden administration has done next to nothing to help the people there. Biden seems more concerned about Ukraine than East Palestine,” Partoll explained.

The left really is allergic to personal responsibility. This is one of the major factors that is helping people wake up to the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party. If they want to survive, they better address the issue.

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  1. Hey Swallowwell, after your stupidity with a Chinese spy, you should avoid making public statements because no one will ever take you serious again.


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