‘Operation Chokepoint Is Back Under Biden’: Gab CEO Details Being Blacklisted From The Financial System

(Patriot Insider) – Gab CEO Andrew Torba revealed on Monday how his pro-free speech social media platform that has been providing conservatives with a place they can go to speak their mind and share news freely in the wake of censorship by Big Tech, has now been banned from four different banks and one credit card in “the past month alone.”

According to Infowars, Tobra made a post on Gab saying, “Operation Chokepoint is back under Biden,” which is a reference to a ploy first used under former President Barack Obama that subjected firearms dealers and other targets of their choosing to financial blacklisting.

“4 banks and 1 credit card shut down Gab in the past month alone. We have spoken to other alt tech platforms who are experiencing the same, but have not gone public with it yet. This is 100% targeted and political,” Torba continued.

“It’s getting to the point where we are seriously considering buying our own bank,” Torba stated last week on social media platform Twitter. “I’m not kidding.”

Torba also said that Gab had been banned by the Evangelical Christian Credit Union just last week after he “spent weeks speaking with multiple people, opening our account, wiring them a large sum of money for an initial deposit, and explaining our story and business model to them.”

“They wasted a whole lot of my time and ended up being just like all of the other banks,” Torba stated.

Just a few minutes before he made that post, Torba said he would “be naming another bank that banned us for no reason again probably tomorrow once our money that was in the account clears,” going on to add “this one will surprise you.”

Gab has been a gift to all of us who have been banned from Big Tech for simply speaking the truth or sharing information we find on topics that might go against the overall narrative the radical left wants to push. By God’s grace this company has managed to survive the assaults launched on them by Big Tech censorship and this financial blacklisting.

After many attempts, all of which have failed, to have Gab taken offline, the Anti-Defamation League decided to make a push for an investigation from the Justice Department into Torba and the company itself, which amounts to nothing more than an act of political intimidation.

Just last month, hackers managed to break into the site and steal a bunch of user data, then demanded that a $500,000 ransom be paid before releasing the info to journalists after Torba refused to give in and pay it. Oh, and they wanted this payment in Bitcoin.

“I was just a middle class God-fearing man building a small website from my family farm and 4 years later, with no institutional support, after being blacklisted/deplatformed from almost everything, and without compromising my views, we built a website that 30 million people visit every month,” Torba said in a tweet that was posted late Monday night. “They don’t fear me. They fear you. When they attack me and Gab, they are attacking you.”

This is how desperate the left is to silence you, ladies and gentlemen. Freedom of speech is the foundation of our liberty. What they really want is to take away your right to speak your mind. Radical leftists want to force you into groupthink, to decide for you what you should believe and how you should behave.

We must fight against these blatant assaults. How do we do that? Well, for one, we support platforms like Gab.

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  1. This is also a mostly black owned credit union. Could be they just hate white people but I seriously doubt it. This has Barack bama’s fingerprints all over t.


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