Pfizer Whistleblower Accused Of Lying Fires Back!

(Patriot Insider) – Being a whistleblower nowadays is no easy task. Standing up for what’s right and exposing the truth is extremely risky, especially when the mainstream media is hell-bent on protecting the radical left, the COVID scam, and the vaccines.

One whistleblower has found this out firsthand. Brook Jackson (pictured here) has blown the whistle on a contract research company falsifying data while helping Pfizer carry out their COVID-19 trials last fall.

Now, her former employer, Ventavia Research Group, has released a statement claiming that Jackson is lying and said that “no part of her job responsibilities concerned the clinical trials at issue,” reported investigative journalist Maryanne Demasi.

Jackson isn’t taking the smear attempt lying down. Her lawyer has served Ventavia with a cease-and-desist letter which points out that she has documentation proving she was hired as a regional director by the company on Sept. 7, 2020, to oversee the operations, recruitment and quality assurance of Ventavia’s clinical trial sites.

Jackson brought nearly two decades of experience in clinical trial coordination and management with her.

Furthermore, leaked documents and testimony of two former Ventavia employees corroborate claims made by Jackson, which were published earlier this month by the highly regarded British Medical Journal.

She alleged that during the critical Phase III trial, Ventavia falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators and was slow to follow up on reported adverse events.

Jackson has said she attempted to bring these issues to her employer but the company ignored her. She then emailed the US Food and Drug Administration. On the day she emailed the FDA, Ventavia fired her.

Despite the report in the BMJ, the FDA along with Australia’s counterpart TGA, both released subsequent statements declaring their full and unwavering confidence in the Pfizer vaccine.

That’s also when Ventavia released their statement claiming that Jackson had nothing to do with the Pfizer trials.

These entities don’t even try to make it look like anything other than what it is: a cover-up.

Jackson’s attorney, Robert Barnes, served Ventavia with a letter demanding they publicly apologize and retract their untrue statement.

“This statement is false,” Barnes wrote. “This statement impugns the reputation of my client, Brook Jackson, and falsely implies she publicly misrepresented her work on the clinical trials.”

Jackson explained to Demasi that there were multiple examples of “laboratory processing logs” filled in by staff that contained glaring inconsistencies and anomalies in specimen handling.

Jackson also has a document with a list of Ventavia’s outstanding “action items” which include discussions with trial coordinators about serious breaches of data integrity.

She alleged that the work environment was chaotic and that there were so many egregious issues that she called for an immediate halt to the recruitment of trial participants.

Eventually, Ventavia agreed with Jackson in September 2020, and asked staff to compile a list of “common” quality control breaches to be reviewed and the recruiting was paused.

However, text messages reveal that Ventavia did not inform Pfizer of the reason for the pause, though it was required they do so, and proceeded to attempt a cover-up.

“I feel like we need to say we met our committed number [of participants],” said one senior staffer. “Make it like it’s no big deal. I wouldn’t say one negative thing. I would keep it that we are in a perfect place.”

Looks like the only ones lying are the people at Ventavia.

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  1. You are blaming Pfizer for the alleged failures of a subcontractor, as if Pfizer was deliberately trying to falsify data, under the assumption by you that the vaccines are fake and that COVID itself is a scam, which are, frankly, wild assertions, which may be popular because people don’t want to face the truth, and want to find some excuse to believe that we don’t need a massive public health mobilization. The idea that this type of foolishness, manipulated by the very financial circles who have taken down our health system for the last 50 years, is somehow “patriotism” is absurd!


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