Police ARREST Mother In Front Of Crying Children After Failing To Show Proof Of Vaccination

(Patriot Insider) – While life seems to be going on as normal all around us, despite supposedly being in the midst of a deadly pandemic, there is full-blown tyranny lurking in plain sight. In Canada, a mother was arrested in front of her scared, crying children for the heinous crime of not showing her COVID vaccine passport.

In the video posted to Facebook Thursday that has gone viral, a mom at a local community center in Ripley, Ontario is seen being detained by two law enforcement officers while two of her children watch in horror and another child hugs her leg.

The police officers tell the mom and the man filming the incident that she has been asked to leave by the manager of the publicly-funded facility and if she does not leave she is considered to be trespassing.

The man filming points out several times that they have a right to be at the facility and that they aren’t trespassing because it’s a tax-payer funded facility.

Without warning, police handcuff the woman and take her away as her children cry.

No one else in the video was asked to produce their vaccine passport papers, including the man filming, according to a caption on the Facebook post, “OPP [Ontario Provincial Police] officers at Ripley Arena arresting Sara for not providing her vaccination status. Our streets are safer! They were ok with me not providing mine.”

“We’re being arrested for participating in skating,” the man filming says after returning indoors where the children are crying for their mother.

According to Rebel News, the mother was taken off site, issued a fine, and brought back to the community center.

In a follow-up comment in response to a question about how the woman was doing, the man said, “The Kincardine OPP detachment drove Sara in cuffs to the Ripley Public School, issued her a $65 ticket alleging trespassing, drove her back to the Ripley Arena, and told her she’s banned from the arena.”

Banned from the arena for refusing to provide medical papers? As the man pointed out in the video, mandates are not laws! Yet, free people are being treated like criminals for not complying with them.

This is what happens when we refuse to submit to government tyranny. This time this woman was fined and banned from a facility, how long before people are thrown in jails or, even worse, camps?

We are spiraling down a really dangerous path right now and if more people don’t stand up for freedom and liberty there may be no going back.

This incident happened in Canada but people are being kicked out of restaurants and other public spaces right here in the US, in New York City. How long before other cities follow suit? How long before the “unvaccinated” are treated like criminals right here?

Meanwhile, life continues to go on as normal all around us. The COVID pandemic is a sham. It’s time to stand up and fight against this absurd medical tyranny.

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