JUST IN: Rancher Along Southern Border Issues Urgent Warning

(Patriot Insider) – There are just too many crises in America to keep track of. Just when you finish processing one crisis, Joe Biden gives us another one.

While all of our attention has been on Biden’s Afghanistan debacle and the never-ending COVID-19 “mitigations,” there is still a major crisis unfolding at the border each and every single day.

Nobody knows this better than the ranchers who live along the US-Mexico border. They’re seeing firsthand just how out of control the situation still is and have been expressing their concerns about what they refer to as “Biden bodies” piling up.

On Monday, rancher and lawyer Brett Smith of Kinnie, Texas, told Fox News that his land has sustained upwards of $60,000 worth of damage by illegal aliens flooding the southern border.

He also told “Fox & Friends” that bodies are piling up as illegal migrants are dying in their efforts to reach the US interior (watch here).

The bodies are becoming so numerous that Smith and fellow ranchers have been referring to them as “Biden bodies.”

“…we’ve started calling them Biden bodies… It’s from one policy [that] this is occurring, and it’s the same policy that can be stopped by one person but it’s not happening.”

He added, “it’s time for lawmakers to stop placing Americans in second place to illegal immigrants.”

Smith was asked why he thinks Democrats are refusing to visit the southern border. He responded, “that’s a good question. I don’t know.”

“A lot of the Democrat lawmakers in this area, when we were meeting with Senator [Ted] Cruz and Congressman [Chip] Roy, they were asking him ‘what Democrats can I contact that are my own party, to do something about this’ and they didn’t have any clear answers for them. There’s Democrat mayors… and people down here like that, that want to talk to their own party about this crisis, but they can’t even get a hold of anyone. The only ones coming down to speak to those Democrats are Ted Cruz and other Republicans like him…”

“Safety isn’t a political issue. It’s not a Republican or Democrat issue. It’s a human issue. Everyone wants to be safe. It shouldn’t be drawn down political lines, yet in Washington, you can see clearly that it is…” Smith added.

The Democrats clearly don’t care to stop the influx of illegal immigrants. They know that these individuals will be future voters for the Democrat Party and they want, more than anything, to change America’s demographics for good.

Congressman Chip Roy slammed Democrats for being totally MIA when it comes to the border situation.

Bodies at the border aren’t the only place they’re piling up as a result of Biden’s abysmal handling of US immigration policy. Fentanyl-related deaths have increased and the amount that has been successfully seized at the border has also skyrocketed.

According to U.S. Customs & Border Protection information, so far in 2021 there has been a whopping 8,507 pounds seized versus 4,776 in 2020 and 2,801 in 2019.

America is truly in a sad state of affairs.

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