Red Alert: BLM’s Christmas Message… ‘Boycott White Businesses’

(Patriot Insider) – Christmas is upon us and while most people are busy spreading holiday cheer and thinking of ways to brighten other people’s lives, Black Lives Matter is working on their latest attempt to promote racism and division in the US.

BLM activists in California are encouraging shoppers to spend all of their money at black-owned companies and stop investing in white-owned businesses. What century is this?

If this is “progress,” then someone has got the definition of the word seriously wrong somewhere along the way.

#BlackXmas urges shoppers to “#Divest from white corporations. #Invest in black communities.” The website instructs people to only spend money at black-owned businesses from November 26 to January 1, 2022.

Could you imagine the outrage and civil unrest and chaos that would erupt if a group of white activists encouraged people to “divest” from black companies and shop at only white-owned businesses?

This is nothing short of blatant racism and it must be called out.

This premise isn’t doing anything to move society forward. It’s divisive and that’s exactly what it’s meant to be.

Black Lives Matter has never been about actually helping black people or making a better world. They’ve always been a political organization rooted in Marxism with the sole purpose of dividing the US and causing as much discord, tension, and chaos as possible.

This “#BlackXmas” is just another ploy in their grand scheme.

BLM is stuck on the idea that white people, and every single white business owner, are akin to plantation owning slave master from the 1800’s. It will never matter that it was white people who started and fought the Civil War, giving their lives, to end slavery and free black people in America.

BLM uses slavery as the basis of all their complaints against the US and it’s completely dishonest and delusional.

By encouraging people to avoid “white corporations” it’s only hurting the very communities BLM pretends to care about.

What happens when so-called white corporations don’t make enough in sales to maintain their current staff levels and have to fire people? How many black and brown people will be without a job if their idiotic #BlackXmas were to actually have any kind of significant effect? (It won’t but hypothetically speaking).

This time of year is meant for goodwill and coming together but BLM is aiming to accomplish the complete opposite. This initiative is about “settling the score” so to speak and will never accomplish anything positive. Not to mention the fact that it’s blatantly discriminatory and promotes exactly the type of racism the organization claim to be against.

While BLM demands that American institutions be reformed in order to eradicate so-called racist blueprints, they are simultaneously calling on Americans to engage in outright racism. What would Christmas be in 2021 without a healthy dose of blatant hypocrisy?

It’s time for America to divest from BLM and invest in real progress. Are there still injustices in America? Absolutely. However, they aren’t going to be solved or atoned for with bigoted schemes like #BlackXmas.

As usual, shame on Black Lives Matter.

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  1. Being the black only represent 13% of the American population and probably only 1% of businesses any idiot can figure out this is an impossible task and waste of time as we have nothing in common with one another. We eat different food wear different cloths and go to different places because of how they conduct themselves. Unfortunately OBAMA brought racism back to its peak as it was almost non existent while TRUMP was president. Thanks to OBAMA and the idiots that call themselves democrats we now have a country that supports black hoodlums and immigrants not the people that founded this country. By the way they were all white GOD FEARING MEN that built this land into a powerhouse nation not the scum we currently have as so called leaders. Truth hurts so read it and weep or follow the fake news media and be fooled again. We all know TRUMP WAS ROBBED!!!!!

  2. Like white business care . Hey those people who hate us and break our store front windows and steal our things to sell and beat us up and would put us in the hospital if they could. Oh yes we want their business . Give kyle Rittenhouse his rifle back and then find out which Jews are pushing this boycott forward like when they tried that on the Germen population of this country in the 1930’s so white people can boycott and stop working for the Jews who are pushing this boycott forward using the blacks as their sock puppets .

  3. They all need to get a job instead of causing nothing but trouble. Your ratings are way down guys. Time to get over yourselves and take that boulder off your shoulder. Enough already. People couldn’t care less anymore. You overplayed your hand, and now you’re just noise in the background.


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