RED ALERT: FEC Says Foreigners Can Finance U.S. Ballot Initiatives

(Patriot Insider) – Despite the fact that foreign money is not allowed to be accepted by candidates running for public office in the US, it appears as though wealthy foreign nationals looking to influence the direction of the US might still have an opportunity to do that.

What good news for George Soros and fellow globalist elites.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has ruled that foreign donors can still finance US ballot initiatives like congressional redistricting, therefore allowing important American policy issues to be influenced by foreigners.

While foreign nationals are still prohibited from donating directly to US election campaigns, in accordance with the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, the FEC ruled on Monday that foreigners are allowed to donate to ballot referenda.

Sounds totally fair and reasonable!

“The United States Supreme Court has long recognized that the Act ‘regulates only candidate elections, not referenda or other issue-based ballot measures,’” the FEC ruling stated.

“Consistent with the Act and court precedents, the Commission has observed that spending relating only to ballot initiatives is generally outside the purview of the Act because such spending is not ‘in connection with’ elections.”

Axios reports that there are already 61 referenda on state ballots in the year 2022 and that the FEC decision is not only threatening to affect policy initiatives but also the workings of US democracy itself.

As previously mentioned, issues like congressional redistricting are often settled through state referenda and the FEC’s decision allows for wealthy foreigners to have a say and influence the way these issues get resolved.

The opposition to the FEC’s ruling says that the ban on foreign donations “in connection with” an election should also bar funding for ballot initiatives, regardless of whether they’re litigated via ballot question. This particular issue wasn’t addressed in the FEC’s decision.

The entire controversy was started by a complaint filed by The Montana Mining Association opposing a 2018 ballot measure they claim was illegally financed by a Canadian subsidiary of Australian firm Sandfire Resources to block new restrictions on hard rock mining in the state.

Montana Trout Unlimited executive director David Brooks called the FEC ruling “surprising and scary.”

“Are we, as U.S. citizens, really OK with letting foreign money go directly to state lawmaking via citizen initiative campaigns?” he said to Axios.

Similarly, Brendan Fischer, director of FEC reforms at Campaign Legal Center, said the FEC’s ruling “reflects a big loophole in the federal ban on foreign money in U.S. elections.”

What a wonderful gift for the likes of George Soros, the Chinese Communist Party and ISIS. These individuals and groups are just looking for ways to exploit the United States’ democracy and destroy us from the inside.

If it’s not even illegal to interfere with ballot initiatives there will certainly be nothing stopping them from pursuing this avenue as a means to disrupt and destroy. You can be sure there will be even more ballot referenda in the future as sycophantic Democrats fall in line.

We shouldn’t be surprised. This is just all part of the Biden regime’s plan to give the US over to powerful foreign globalists who are working towards destroying our nation’s sovereignty.

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