RED ALERT: IRS To Require Facial Recognition To View Tax Returns

(Patriot Insider) – Oh no. The Internal Revenue Service is getting a lot more racist.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that the main purpose of the IRS is to collect obscene amounts of tax dollars from hard-working Americans, now the agency just might be racist on top of it all, at least by Democrat standards.

In addition to the small fortune the IRS demands from American citizens each year, it looks like they want more than just money.

According to reports, the IRS will soon require Americans to submit biometric data to access their accounts.

Starting this summer, the IRS website will require a photo of your government ID as well as a video for facial recognition purposes to be submitted to a third-party company.

Where are all the Democrats who believe that IDs are racist now? No ID to vote but surely everyone will have ID when it comes to their finances.

CNBC reports that while the new biometric data requirements will start this summer, the IRS will not require Americans to set up an account with the government contractor, in order to pay their taxes (screenshots here, here and here).

Why on earth would they do anything that might make it more difficult for them to get their money? Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to ensure Uncle Sam is getting his fair share of your hard-earned money without having to submit to the facial recognition requirements, for now.

“The IRS emphasizes taxpayers can pay or file their taxes without submitting a selfie or other information to a third-party identity verification company,” the agency said in a statement.

“Tax payments can be made from a bank account, by credit card or by other means without the use of facial recognition technology or registering for an account.”

For all other functions relating to the IRS, save sending them your money, you will be required to submit your personal biometrics. If you need to access functions on the IRS website like seeing your tax transcripts or checking on payment agreements, you’ll need to hand over your biometrics data.

Applying for a payment plan? Creating a security PIN? Viewing stimulus check or refund status? You’ll need biometric data for that.

As if this wasn’t bad enough. The government is urging people to create an account soon as the service is expected to grow and become a requirement for many other applications.

The government is desperate and determined to get us all in a neatly organized database one way or another.

With being a government contract with no competition, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that there are already major issues being reported with the system and this could lead to serious repercussions for people’s finances.

Many have complained about issues getting their identity verified with it taking months for some to get verified. This absurdly long verification time means that people won’t be able to collect benefits they’re entitled to such as unemployment.

The company assures there are remedies for these issues such as video calls with “trusted referees,” employees who connect with citizens to work out problems.

Nonetheless, it looks like Americans are going to be forced to go out of their way to prove their identity to the US federal government (except to vote because that’s “racist”) and participate in the mass government database.

What could possibly go wrong?

Social credit scores are just a Chinese Communist Party thing, right?

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