RED ALERT: Poland Delivers Devastating Blow To Russia

(Patriot Insider) – If you want to know just how much Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government in Russia are hated by the rest of the world for invading Ukraine, look no further than the recent actions taken by the Poland national soccer team.

According to The Western Journal, Poland’s soccer team stated that it would forfeit a chance at winning the World Cup rather than play a scheduled match with Russia. Cezary Kulesza, the president of the Polish soccer federation, stated on Saturday his team will not play its currently scheduled March 24 match with Russia.

“No more words, time to act!” Kulesza passionately stated, according to an English translation of his tweet on social media.

“Due to the escalation of the aggression of the Russian Federation towards Ukraine, the Polish national team does not intend to play the play-off match against… Russia. This is the only right decision,” he continued in the post.

He then went on to say that Poland is speaking with other soccer federations “to bring forward a common position to FIFA.” For those who might not keep up with soccer, FIFA is the international governing body of soccer.

“It is the right decision!” Polish striker Robert Lewandowski posted on Twitter.

“I can’t imagine playing a match with the Russian National Team in a situation when armed aggression in Ukraine continues. Russian footballers and fans are not responsible for this, but we can’t pretend that nothing is happening,” he continued.

“The Football Associations of Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic have said that they do not want any matches that are part of the 2020 World Cup playoffs to be played in Russia,” the WJ report said.

Other individuals have also come forward to cut off Russia from the rest of the sports and entertainment world, showing a united front against the country and its invasion of Ukraine.

“The International Olympic Committee called for all sports organizations to cancel any events in Russia or Belarus, according to Bloomberg. Auto racing’s Formula 1 canceled the Russian Grand Prix,” WJ reported.

“We are watching the developments in Ukraine with sadness and shock and hope for a swift and peaceful resolution to the present situation,” the governing authority of Formula 1 racing put in a statement on its website.

The International Ski Federation has also revealed that six scheduled events coming up, which were set to take place in Russia, will now be happening somewhere else “in the interest of the safety of all participants and to maintain the integrity of the World Cup.”

Even the Eurovision Song Contest has decided to punish Russia by banning all acts coming out of the country. Geoff Meall, an agent with the Paradigm Agency has said that many entertainers are soon going to start canceling performances in Russia, according to a report from Variety.

“As it stands, I can’t see any of those shows being able to happen. Ukraine is an obviously an active war zone so it’s impossible to do a concert there, and with Russia, first, every government is advising its citizens not to go there unless it’s essential business — rock and roll probably wouldn’t be considered that — but more, a lot of artists wouldn’t want to be seen as supporting the actions of that government at the moment,” he went on to say.

Not only is Putin and Russia getting spanked all over the global stage in a number of different ways, but so are those in our own government who failed to prevent this incident from happening in the first place with their pathetically weak leadership.

Recently, NBC News host Chuck Todd asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken why Putin didn’t attempt to take Ukraine while Trump was in office, a question which he struggled to answer.

“[The] previous one. Why do you think [Putin] didn’t act then?” Chuck Todd asked the secretary of state on “Meet the Press.”

“I hope you get a chance to ask him,” Blinken responded as he fumbled around while attempting to get his answer to the question out.

Gee, that is kind of strange, isn’t it?

It’s almost like Putin had a healthy respect for the leadership of the U.S. when Trump was in office and realized he couldn’t pull this kind of garbage on him and thus didn’t bother.

Doesn’t that speak volumes about how the rest of the world views Joe Biden?

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  1. Democrat and Republican’s is a mechanism to divide and distract like religion has been. To control, manipulate, and mislead the people for the benefits of a few, a few.
    This is all part of the cabal formula, to adopt this proves people are programmed, brainwash, hoodwinked. Any time someone tells you it is for your convenience and benefit, especially where wealth and assets and natural resources are involved the fix it in, and your being conned. Media. (watch dog to lap dog that’s about it)


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